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For me, beautiful imagery goes hand-in-hand with blogging and I certainly recognise the value.

My vision for The Beauty Spyglass is for it to be a place full of thumb-stopping photos and great content which adds value to the reader, answers valuable questions and of course, is visually appealing.

Birch & Silva product and lifestyle photography.

My love of creative photography was the inspiration behind my business Birch & Silva which I founded in June 2019. An off-shoot of my blog, I now work with small businesses and brands to elevate online presence, not only by increasing awareness but also those all-important sales with eye-catching imagery.

Make the most of your one chance to create a first impression with high-quality imagery which speaks volumes about your brand.

The Beauty Spyglass - Photography


The Beauty spyglass photography

About my photography style.

I love atmospheric, soulful imagery, playing with light and texture to create stunning images and that stays true. However, I’m capable of flexibility in order to meet my client’s vision for their brand story or message. If you love my particular style, perfect, if not, let me create a set of imagery which works for you and your brand, be that light, airy and minimal or soul-stirring and mystical. Find my portfolio here.

Contact information.

If you would like your product/s to be featured here on The Beauty Spyglass please visit the Work with me page. where you can find out more information. I’m also here on Instagram @thebeautyspyglass.

For photography enquiries, please email Alternatively, visit to find out more about what I can do for your brand.

I’m on Instagram here @birchandsilva or see more of my moody photography style here – @samantha.abbott_


I look forward to hearing from you…


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