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I’m Samantha –  Founder and editor of The Beauty Spyglass. I’m passionate about good skin and hair care and love trying new or niche brands with a particular interest in natural, ethically sourced and plant-based products. I’m also a self-confessed makeup magpie. The Beauty Spyglass was born in November 2016

Getting To Know Me

I have fond memories from childhood of tipping my mother’s modest little makeup bag out on her bedroom floor and marvelling over the single, well-used pale blue eyeshadow, brown eye pencil and mascara. Fascinated by the silvery metal of the eyeshadow pan shining through the middle – I didn’t really understand what it was, but I knew I liked it! That was the beginning of my obsession with beauty.

I decided on the name “The Beauty Spyglass” whilst planning my wedding in 2015. Being a hopeless romantic – I wanted to give a reading from the novel The Amber Spyglass for my husband and around the same time I was thinking of names for a beauty blog – the two just seemed to fit together perfectly. I am very happily married to my gorgeous husband Dan. I also have a beautiful daughter who keeps me busy. We are very fortunate to live in a gorgeous converted barn in the Somerset countryside – here in the UK.


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