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Millionaire Flapjacks

Treat yourself to an indulgent, oaty afternoon treat with a moreish, soft caramel filling, topped off with lashings of dark chocolate.


Large saucepan

(20×20 inch) tin


Wooden spoon

Weighing scales

Baking parchment (unbleached if poss)



325g Rolled Porridge Oats

175g  Unsalted butter

175g Golden syrup

125g light brown sugar


Caramel filling


1 Tin of condensed milk 397g (I used Carnation)

175g unsalted butter

175g light brown sugar

Chocolate topping


200g Milk or dark chocolate, or a mixture of both.

It’s actually a nice touch to swirl in some melted white chocolate to the topping and create a marbled effect.




1. Heat the oven to 180° and line a 20cm x 20cm brownie type tin with baking parchment.

2. Gently heat the butter, sugar and syrup over a low heat until melted, remove from the heat and stir in the oats, combine the ingredients together until well coated then turn into your tin. Flatten down a little with the back on a spoon until level.

3. Bake for around 20 mins. If you’re using a fan oven reduce the temp a little or use with the fan off as I did for mine. The Flapjack should be bubbling a little when removed from the oven and just slightly turning golden. Don’t over-cook or you may find you’ll be cracking teeth.




4. In a large saucepan add the butter, tin of condensed milk and the sugar, stir occasionally until completely melted, When the mixture starts to simmer, turn up the heat and bubble for 3-4 minutes stirring quickly and continuously with a whisk. When the liquid darkens and takes on a fudge-like texture it’s ready.

5. leave mine to cool slightly before pouring over the cold flapjack, spread it over evenly and again, allow to cool. If you’re impatient you can cool yours in the fridge, otherwise it can be left at room temperature to set.

6. Next, break up the chocolate and either melt it in the microwave watching it carefully, or use the bain-marie if you prefer (melt the chocolate in a heat-proof bowl over a low simmering saucepan of water).

7. Pour the melted chocolate over the set caramel mixture, smooth it out and allow to set. it shouldn’t take too long in the fridge but equally, it will set at room temperature if you prefer a softer bite.



These are a very indulgent treat so you may only need a small-ish slice to satisfy those sugar cravings.

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Please see individual packets for nutritional information.


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