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Skin Alchemists apothecary review

Who doesn’t love a bit of plant alchemy? Particularly when there’s skincare involved.

I recently tried a wonderful, organic beauty brand Skin Alchemists Apothecary. and I wanted to share my experience with three products I’ve been trying from this eco-luxe range.

The real inspiration behind the creation of Skin Alchemists Apothecary was after founder, Theresa migrated to London from her native Home of St Lucia and quite quickly noticed a change in her skin. Pollution, city-living and processed food were all having a negative impact. However, during a trip back to the island of St Lucia Theresa soon saw an improvement in her skin, seemingly brought on by a healthier, Caribbean lifestyle. Whilst enjoying swims in the mineral-rich Atlantic ocean, masking with volcanic mud and eating fresh, organic foods, Theresa found renewed health, improved skin and increased energy levels.

 “Alchemy is based on transformation, as is my intention is to create game-changing, performance-driven luxurious skincare using ancient traditions and aromatherapy” – Theresa.

Ingredients matter…

It’s true, If you’re conscious of what’s in your skincare of choice, then it’s really worth considering the power of plants. Often underrated in this scientific age, but with consumers becoming ever-more aware of product ingredients and making ethical choices over non-ethical counterparts, it’s certainly a growing market, so, without further ado, Let’s dive into the products…

Firstly, each product has been given a thoughtful name which really appeals to me, and also helps with product recognition for example; “The Humble Warrior” Complete Cleansing Oil has really become quite renowned.

Uplevel your cleansing routine, effortlessly.

When I’m not short of time and wanting a quick fix to remove my makeup at bedtime, I look to an enriching cleansing oil instead. Not only for the sensory experience a heady scented oil can bring, but to really feed and nourish my skin with everything it needs. The Humble Warrior Complete Cleansing Oil is masterfully formulated with both large and small molecules, providing the perfect combination to lift stubborn makeup and deeply cleanse the pores. This multi-use cleansing oil also doubles as bath or shower oil, cuticle oil and if the man in your life has a beard, it’s great for grooming and naturally hydrating the skin beneath.

The ritual

Theresa recommends shaking the bottle, pouring a small pool into the palm and gently warming the oil by rubbing the palms together for a moment. Next, bring the palms to the nose whilst deeply inhaling and exhaling slowly three times. Massage into the face, neck and décolletage to stimulate circulation and release environmental debris. Lastly, cushion the face in a warm cloth, hold for five seconds and gently sweep the cloth over the skin to remove.
“This cleaning ritual stimulates circulation, lymphatic flow and deep connective tissue detoxing, aiding in the reduction of lymphatic stagnation. Plant extracts gently, yet effectively, dissolve excess sebum, and deeply cleansing the pores without disrupting the skin’s natural balance. Skin is left feeling pristine, thoroughly hydrated and nourished”.

key ingredients


  • Camelina oil – high in plant sterols.
  • Andiroba seed oil – used to heal skin conditions in the Amazon.
  • Hemp seed oil – containing high levels of omega fatty acids.


Skin Alchemists Apothecary product review

Sesenne Facial Elixir

The perfect partner to The Humble Warrior. The Sesenne Facial Elixir is a sophisticated blend of 24 skin-loving elements and is essentially a cocktail of vitamins to repair, nourish, rejuvenate, lift and brighten the skin, whilst calming sensitivity and irritation. An opulent blend of cell-reviving Rose de Mai, lime and carrot seed oils to help improve skin tone, diminish lines and improve skin tone.

Other ingredients include Jasmine and Myrrh which encourage a dewy finish, whilst wrinkle-fighting Frankincense and Cocoa improve skin’s elasticity. Anchored in a base of nature’s known retinol Cacay Seed Oil, Rosehip, Blackseed, Chia seed, Prickly pear, Pumpkin and Sea Buckthorn for the ultimate healing and renewing blend.

The ritual…

As with The Humble Warrior, deeply inhale Sesenne Facial Elixir after warming 4-6 drops between your palms taking in the intoxicating scent. “Push and press the delicious elixir over your face, forehead and neck”.

key ingredients

  • Anti-ageing Ubiquinone
  • Amazonian cacay oil, natures most potent form of vitamin A
  • Rose de Mai – tones and rejuvenates tired skin

The limited-edition Wise Traveller Set (£42) is the perfect travel companion to keep your skincare minimal and multifunctional whilst on the go. The Humble Warrior acts as your cleanser, makeup remover, body oil, hair conditioner and aftersun care. Whilst Sesenne’s vitamin cocktail is all you need for your face. It also works effectively as a natural highlighter for cheekbones.

  • Sesenne Renewing Facial Elixir – 10ml
  • Humble Warrior Complete Cleansing Oil – 15g
  • Organic fibre cleansing cloth.

I’m all about facial oils, particularly the wonderfully scented variety. Last year I found a love of incorporating oils into my daily skincare routine, not only for cleansing but a nourishing facial massage at bedtime. The benefits are so rewarding and anything that brings a sense of relaxation and well-being for both body and mind is worth that little extra time and effort. I use Sesenne Facila Elixir at bedtime and really massage it into my skin before sleeping. On waking my skin feels soft, supple and nourished.


Skin alchemists Sweet dreams Candle

Sweet Dreams Candle 120g / 4.23 fl.oz

Described as ‘the best night sleep in a candle” A therapeutic blend of mind relaxing and muscle soothing botanicals in a base of unrefined cocoa and shea butter, with a dash of maracuja oil which melts to the perfect temperature liquid for an intensive skin treatment.

The ritual…

Recommended use – Light the wick and allow the wax to melt for 10 to 15 minutes whilst allowing the relaxing scent of jasmine, rose de Mai and sweet orange to calm your mind.

Enjoy some “me time” and after a warm bath; blow out the flame and wait two minutes, then simply pour the warm, wax directly onto the skin or into your hand and gently massage into your skin. Don’t worry, the oil will never become too hot due to the low melting point of the waxes. “This glorious, delicious and nutritious oil will leave skin silky smooth and fully nourished – ideal as a hot body oil, or as a soul-soothing massage”.

key ingredients:

  • Amyris has sedative qualities, used for muscle relaxation and mind-calming
  • Lavender used to reduce anxiety and emotional stress
  • Passionflower is mildly sedative and used to treat insomnia

“Calm your mind, relax muscles and fully nourish the skin”.

I’ve found the Sweet Dreams candle to be an absolute joy, even my husband commented on the wonderful scent and that’s really saying something! I light it in the evenings and when the wax starts to melt I‘ll dip a teaspoon in and use the oily wax to massage into hands and cuticles – what a treat! The wax has the most amazing botanical scent which seems to intensify as it warms. I’ve even been reaching for it when it’s unlit and scraping a small amount out with the back of my nail and massaging it Into any little dry, patchy areas I might have, and surprisingly, it really just feels like a good quality all-purpose balm.

“The Sweet Dreams candle is definitely one of a kind with its multi-uses, and must admit, I’m really taken with it!”

Invest in self-care with Skin Alchemists Apothecary luxury range of organic products and ritualise your everyday routines for that extra sensory experience.

How about you? do you make conscious choices when it comes to skin and body care? Would Skin Alchemists be a brand you might try? Why not see what else is available at

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  1. October 8, 2019 / 6:44 am

    Stunning photos! I loved hearing the story behind the brand. These products definitely sounds right up my street! x


    • Samantha
      October 10, 2019 / 11:55 am

      Thanks Siobhán, yes, I agree, when a brand has a wonderful back story it becomes more appealing somehow. Especially when products were born out of a need and really work to solve it. x

    • Samantha
      October 10, 2019 / 11:54 am

      Thank you. There’s nothing to dislike so I’m sure you’d love them!

  2. October 12, 2019 / 2:37 pm

    Wow, I’ve not heard of the brand before but it sounds just wonderful. I feel like I need that candle in my life and I love that using the oils achieves more of an experience than standard skincare. It sounds like my kind of brand (St Lucia also sounds like my kind of place haha).
    Soph – x

    • Samantha
      October 12, 2019 / 5:33 pm

      Thanks Sophie. Oh, yes the candle is amazing, literally a wonderful balm in the form of a candle and smells so good. Have a lovely evening x

  3. November 26, 2019 / 7:59 pm

    the ritual is a little magic for every occasion…thanks Samantha for the imagery

    • Samantha
      January 17, 2020 / 5:37 pm

      You’re welcome lovely, It really does bring a little magic!

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