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Dafnas skincare review

One product every discerning beauty lover should always make use of is a good quality serum. If you’re not including one in you’re skincare routine, it’s time you started.

Winner of the Beauty Shortlist awards 2018 Dafna’s Anti-Ageing And Glow Serum incorporates eleven actives including rosehip and olive oils which highly nourish and soften the skin. Chicory root oligosaccharides increase collagen production and synthesis, resulting in an immediate tightening effect on the skin. Plus, hyaluronic acid helps to maintain high levels of hydration for a smoother, more radiant complexion.

Winner – Best International Skincare Brand.


Dafna's personal skincare serum and glow

In 2008, Madrid-based Dafna decided to use her extensive knowledge and training in aromatherapy, naturopathist and product formulation to create her own line of cosmetics. Tailoring the products according to the specific needs of customers. Dafna’s skincare is much more than a cosmetic product; it is a feeling, a true wellness experience inside and out.

Dafna’s say they firmly believe in the ingredients nature has to offer. Nevertheless, today there are biotechnological tools that enable us to extract and use some of these ingredients in advanced ways. These ingredients help us create highly advanced, scientific formulas which extend the effectiveness of our products…

Biotech meets nature to slow down skin ageing.

I tend to find products which capture the power of nature and combine it with science produce a far superior and visible result than plant-based alone. The latter lends itself to a maintenance skincare routine, whereas combining both will ensure a more hard-hitting anti-ageing result. I’m all for result-driven products and so using Dafna’s serum along with the Moisture + cream is a welcomed addition to my skincare routine.

In 2014 Dafna, in collaboration with scientists, created her anti-ageing line based on the Ayurvedic philosophy, with natural and bioactive ingredients and highly advanced biotechnology. This line of products, DR2, is designed to have beneficial effects on the skin and wellbeing.

In terms of the packaging, it’s simplistic, yet distinctive looking, with an almost spa-inspired glossy finish. My Anti-Ageing And Glow serum comes boxed and housed in a dark coloured glass bottle with a pump dispenser. A useful little cap is included which just covers the top of the pump to keep the product hygienic and is perfect for travel. The serum itself is white, and of a light, creamy consistency – I found it spreads well on the skin and doesn’t linger. Once absorbed, it leaves a silky smooth texture to the skin. There’s only a very light, barely noticeable scent, I found.

The serum is said to actively fight skin ageing with immediate skin-tensing effect. Long-term use sees an improvement in skin texture and reduction of fine lines. Dafna’s incorporate the latest advances in skincare technology to bring their renowned products to market.

Dafna’s seek to create natural products, based on high concentrations of active ingredients and advanced biotechnology that bring visible results on your skin, health and wellbeing.

Moisture + Natural Aromatherapeutic Cream is based on Bio essential oils and plants extracts with an advanced Biotechnology.

Shortlisted for the Beauty Awards 2018, Moisture + Cream is a powerhouse product, smells divine, and fills the senses with a wonderful aroma. Dafna’s ethos is not only to create effective skincare, but also to give a sense of well-being for a unique, sensory experience. I must admit, this way of thinking has my seal of approval and certainly comes through.

Apply the cream in a circular, massaging motion as recommended. Cover the eyes with your hands and breathe deeply, taking in the aroma to uplift and arouse the senses. I found both the serum and Moisture + cream have given a good result. However, I’m not sure I’ve noticed a particular “tensing” to my skin (as is described.) What I have seen is an improvement to my skin texture and tone. Of course, with any new skincare, effects become more visible over time. Results will vary.

Includes 19 carefully selected active ingredients of the highest quality and concentration.

Dafna’s Anti-Ageing serum may be a splurge product to some at £65 but to my mind, when it comes to skincare we get what we pay for. Cheaper alternatives won’t include the high-quality ingredients and scientific backing to deliver results, so it’s worth paying the extra pounds if you can.

Cruelty-free (Leaping Bunny certified).

Available to purchase from both CosNatural or directly from Dafna’s Personal Skincare.

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Do you enjoy sensory skincare? I’d love to know your thoughts on Dafna’s


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Dafna's personal skincare serum and glow
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  1. August 28, 2018 / 12:28 pm

    Sounds like an amazing serum! It’s definitely a bit expensive but I agree with you when it comes to skincare products, we get what we pay for. Fab post x


    • Samantha
      August 28, 2018 / 4:32 pm

      Thank you lovely. The good stuff is always a few extra pounds! x

  2. September 14, 2018 / 3:51 pm

    I don’t mind spending a little more if I am getting a quality product and this look really good.

    • Samantha
      October 1, 2018 / 10:15 pm

      That’s the thing! Some products are worth a little extra x

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