Is Going Vegan Or Vegetarian Really A Healthy Choice?

Is going vegan or vegetarian healthy

When we think of a vegetarian or vegan diet we automatically think “healthy” but what’s the realitiy?

I’ve been a vegetarian for many years, my entire adult life in fact. Plus, I’ve raised my thirteen-year-old daughter as a vegetarian, instilling values of compassion that I’m hoping she will take forth with her into adulthood. That said, I’m in no way a neurotic veggie and I would never force my daughter either way – she’s free to make an informed choice and I fully support whatever she chooses. My husband, however, is in the “meat club” as our daughter calls it, and I regularly cook meat for him and respect his personal dietary choices.

When I’m asked why I choose not to eat meat, my answer remains the same, my compassion towards animals won’t allow me. Based on my values I can’t see myself ever eating meat again…

It’s all too easy to see prepared meat on the supermarket shelves and lose the association as to how such foods started life.

I’ve always included lots of Quorn products to replace the protein in our diets as well as Linda McCartney foods. However, these foods are highly processed and actually, aren’t particularly healthy when you get down to the grassroots as it were.

After some consideration, I’ve recently made changes to both myself and my daughter’s diets and cut out any soya-based such as Linda McCartney foods and also, cut right back on Quorn in an attempt to avoid overly-processed foods. Soy or Soya as we know it in the UK is known to disrupt hormonal balance which may lead to an irregular menstrual cycle. In turn, this could affect fertility. With a teenage daughter, I need to be sure her vegetarian diet isn’t harming her body in the long-term. Looking into alternatives, I discovered Paneer (Indian cooking cheese) as a healthier option. It’s high in protein, absorbs flavours well and tastes great. I use it in my recipes now, instead of Quorn.

In terms of going a step further, I’ve tried veganism along the way but it wasn’t for me, I love pure butter, as well as cream and can’t see myself living without these “healthy fats” The vegan way of life has certainly become “trendy” more recently, but such a restricted diet means you can quite easily become nutrient deficient if you’re not careful…

If you’re Vegan or considering it as a lifestyle choice, always do your research to safeguard your health.

Recent studies tell us that butter is in fact, healthy fat and doesn’t contribute to heart disease, contrary to popular belief. However, always choose pure butter and Leave those tubs of “so-called” butter on the shelf. If there are any added extras then they’re not a healthy option at all. Pure, or traditionally prepared, unprocessed foods are the way to improve health and well-being.

Did you know… Butter from grass-fed cows is a major source of heart-healthy nutrients, it’s also much higher in Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin K2, compared to butter from grain-fed cows. *source –

Since we don’t eat fish, I like to include a cod liver oil supplement as this is crucial in any diet, particularly for my daughter, her growing teenage brain needs those all-important omega oils along with the heart-health benefits. We could call ourselves pescatarians on that basis, I imagine. We also top up with a daily vitamin supplement, with my daughter’s specifically formulated for the needs of a teenage girl.

If you’re reading this in the US why not have a look at They offer fast, affordable vegan lab tests which will highlight any areas of deficiency for those who’re already embracing the vegan way. Conversely, HealthLabs also offer tests to find any meat or dairy-based sensitivities or allergies which will then make your decision to become vegan as a choice for improved well-being.

Who are healthLabs and what do they offer?

HealthLabs has been offering customers affordable lab testing online since 2015. The online lab testing provider works with thousands of trusted CLIA-certified lab locations across the United States, making inexpensive laboratory testing a convenient option for those who are without insurance, who have high deductibles, want confidentiality, and/or whose doctors won’t prescribe them the lab testing they want to have done. Fast result turnaround of three days.

HealthLabs vegan tests available are:

Basic “Should I become vegan?”

This Basic vegan panel tests for some of the most fundamental meat and dairy products eaten today. It can provide peace of mind to those who suspect their animal-based diet may be the cause of pain and discomfort.


The standard test panel can provide ease and comfort to those who suspect their vegan diet may be causing them unfavourable side effects.


This test does an in-depth examination of all animal-derived food allergies, which includes looking for proteins and amino acids that make up many meat, dairy, and seafood products. There are 38 different tests included in this panel.

Already a vegan?

Why not try the HealthLabs vegan nutritional test panel to reveal any common nutrient deficiencies which might be encountered. Once addressed, you can continue living a healthier lifestyle.

Prices start from $199 per test, but you can use my discount code SPYGLASS25 to save 25% on all vegan HealthLabs tests.

What’s your take on veganism? Are you vegetarian and thinking of going vegan? I’d love to know!


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  1. August 10, 2018 / 12:39 pm

    Such an informative post! I love butter and cream as well, I don’t think I’ll try to be a vegan again but kudos to all the vegans out there! Fab post as always x

  2. Samantha
    August 10, 2018 / 10:10 pm

    These things are so hard to give up aren’t they! Thanks lovely x

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