There’s “No Secrets” In The Shower

No secrets Shower creams with rose gold packaging


Being a natural beauty lover, I’m always in the market for trying new brands and products with a particular focus on ethical beauty. Our skin is the gateway to the bloodstream so I’m always conscious of what’s in my skincare products. knowing how nasty, artificial ingredients can impact our health and well-being in the long-term. We should consider those products not only which we use on our face, but also on our body.

When it comes to hygiene, and the basic task of keeping myself clean, I’d choose a shower over a bath any day. This isn’t a new thing for me and I’ve talked about why I prefer to shower previously. For starters, I love the way a shower revitalises my body and senses but also, everything is quick and easy. When British brand No Secrets Beauty asked if I’d like to try their newly launched shower creams, I couldn’t resist. I love supporting up and coming brands, particularly if an inspiring story and ethos are behind its creation.

No Secrets Shower Cream is made from 100% naturally occurring ingredients and free from harmful chemicals. No parabens, no phenoxyethanol, no sodium laureth sulfate, no sodium lauryl sulfate, no phthalates and absolutely no animal derived raw ingredients.


No secrets travel size shower cream number four

No secrets Beauty was founded by Lorna Veale after struggling with recurring infections and immune-system disorders for most of her adult life. Then, In 2016 Lorna made the bold decision to create her very own brand – No secrets Beauty – which was launched this year. With honesty in beauty being at the forefront of her mind, Lorna says of her products… “Choosing clean, natural beauty isn’t necessarily a fix for health problems, but it’s an essential part of the jigsaw: a simple, feel-good choice you can make to live a happier, healthier life”.

Plant-based skincare with the luxury feel of your favourite high-end beauty brands. Clean products with a clean conscience – that just happen to look, feel and smell amazing.

The packaging is simplistic, yet chic and the products are beautifully presented in a hard, branded box and wrapped with a luxurious rose gold ribbon. I’m a very visual person so when products arrive packaged with thoughtful touches, it excites me no end and makes all the difference to the “experience” of receiving something new. Plus, you know it would make a gorgeous gift for a loved one.

Let’s talk numbers…

Something a little different – No Secrets brand their products by numbers: One – Fresh and uplifting. Four – Sensual and calming. Six  Luxury, unscented. I really like this idea and it keeps things simple. Each number also comes with a luxury hand wash of the same scent and there’s also handy travel-sized shower creams available. You could even mix and match the numbers for an extra-sensory experience.

“With all this warm weather I’ve been enjoying showering to freshen up and so these products came along at just the right time for me. Perfect, as I adore natural, conscious beauty”



No Secrets shower cream number one

Stimulate your senses with a blend of bergamot, petitgrain, eucalyptus, juniper and lavender…

Plus, cocoa and shea butter to hydrate, leaving your skin soft, smooth and with a lasting botanical fragrance, reminiscent of a high-end hotel bathroom. The texture is creamy with plentiful lather forming into tight bubbles – the tighter the bubble, the better quality of ingredient. Each fragrance has a unique, unisex appeal so they’re perfect for everyone.

I found using No Secrets shower creams create a spa-like experience, fragrancing my shower with a wonderful natural scent, followed by silky soft skin and no tightness post-shower.

No Secrets products are proudly made in England. Cruelty-free, 100% vegan and 100% gorgeous.

Which would be your number? I’d love to know…


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No secrets shower gel
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  1. July 3, 2018 / 12:42 pm

    I’d definitely be six haha! These products sound amazing, I love the fact they’re made in England and are cruelty free + vegan! In addition, they’re affordable as well, great review! x

    • Samantha
      July 4, 2018 / 10:52 am

      Thank you lovely. I’ve been really enjoying the products. So great that they’re ethical, and affordable like you say! x

    • Samantha
      July 4, 2018 / 10:53 am

      Yes, number one is so lovely, great for the morning shower to revitalise! x

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