October Makeup Empties

my October Makeup empties collection


I appreciate we are very early October but still, I seem to have used up some of my favourites all at once again. I don’t often write ‘Empties’ posts, in fact, the last time I shared a post of this kind was when I wrote about my fragrance empties earlier this year.

We all have those workhorse products which we use up completely. Everyday go-to’s from lipsticks to bronzers.

Rouge Dior Swan 263


Empty Dior Swan


Dior Swan is the lipstick I chose to wear on my wedding day. I wanted a high-end, luxe lipstick to keep in my little bridal bag throughout the day. I began my search and quickly found myself at the Dior counter. Drawn in by the effortlessly chic packaging of the Rouge Dior range. The assistant was very helpful and between us, we settled on Swan. It was the perfect choice with just enough pink to give a muted pop of colour.

Whilst the shade of this lipstick is unsurpassed, the formula, however, may need a rethink. The first few uses are as expected; beyond that, the bullet becomes quite messy around the sides. Disheartening to say the least, given the price tag.

The formula is very creamy and a little on the soft side to allow a carefree application. I mean, we’re talking Christian Dior here so of course, a tentative application is required at least until the thrill of a new lippy begins to wane. That said, I want to be able to use it without living in fear of the bullet snapping off mid-application.

I’m now two-thirds of the way through my second purchase, but alas, the bullet is no longer fit for purpose. I really don’t want the faff of using a brush to finish it up so I won’t be repurchasing. I can’t justify another £27.50 and already have its successor in my sights…Charlotte Tilbury pillow Talk.

Laura Geller Balance -n- Brighten


empty balance n brighten pot


“This product came to me via the Look fantastic beauty box which I previously subscribed to”.

I wouldn’t have purchased a mineral foundation as I dislike the appearance of it on my skin. However, since discovering this baked version, I’ve happily used it right through to the pan and missing it terribly.

Previously if you’d given me a mineral foundation to try I would’ve handed it back to you with a resounding NO THANKS. Inherently, applying any kind of powdery product on my skin shines a spotlight on any large pores, fine lines or other flaws.

Yes I know it’s mineral, not a powder, but to me, they amount to the same thing in terms of the appearance on my skin. Since I prefer a lighter coverage, sweeping this over my daily moisturiser takes down any shine left behind and leaves my skin dewy and pretty flawless, to be honest. It just does what it claims. I adore the chunky little compact which even has a mirror! I have been wowed by Balance-n-Brighten and plan to repurchase.

No7 Beautiful Brow Sculpting Pencil – Brown


no7Beautiful eyebrow precision pencil


This has long been my brow product of choice and I’ve repurchased it many times.

My brows are more on the ash side with no warmth at all. Although there’s always room for improvement, this is it’s about as good as it gets. I must say, I preferred it as a regular pencil before it was revamped as a twist up, no sharpen liner which I loathe. Fortunately, the shade remains unchanged and so I’ll put up with it and trim the end with scissors to sharpen it as and when needed. Read about other brow pencils I’ve tried here.

Lâncome Shine Lovers – Twisted Beige 212

Twisted Beige is a firm favourite of mine, brought to my attention by Lisa Eldridge. I was so taken by her ravings I just had to have it. It’s a very wearable neutral nude, easily applied, mirror or no mirror. The formula is just gorgeous and lasts pretty well. Its neutral tone makes it a great day-to-day colour. The formula is moisturising although the ‘shine’ isn’t overly obvious. It remains on the repurchase list.


Empty Shine lovers twisted beige

Shine Lovers Twisted Beige

Bare Minerals Ready Bronzer – Skinny Dip


Empty Bare minerals bronzer skinny dip


On to another ‘mineral’ product, this is my most repurchased bronzer EVER.

The shade ‘Skinny Dip’ is the lightest available and a rich golden, buildable colour. It’s just the right shade for my pale skin. I don’t want anything muddy, dark or orange. A golden-toned bronzer really gives that sort after a sun-kissed look which can sometimes appear elusive in the sea of bronzers.

Bare Minerals claim their proprietary SeaNutritive MineralTM Complex composed of antioxidants with cold-pressed carrot oil. This silky long-wearing formula delivers skin-nourishing benefits and firmer-looking skin. Solid mineral colour lasts up to 8 hours. SPF 15

I can’t report any problem with this formula wearing off quickly and does last. Perhaps not eight hours in my case but of course, it depends on what you’re doing during those hours.

Much as I love the shade, I do go through it quickly. This could be down to its mineral formula (or my daughter sneakily using it) it retails for £24 so it’s certainly in the mid to high price range. My other gripe is the compact –  If I’m paying good money I want the packaging to remain neat and tidy; this just doesn’t wear well and looks decidedly scruffy after only a short time. That said, I regularly repurchase Skinny Dip. More recently I have spotted another Bare Minerals Bronzer, the invisible formula which looks very interesting! (see shopping link below) I May have to give that a try instead.

What are your most reached for products?


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  1. October 6, 2017 / 11:13 am

    I’ve wanted to try the Balance ‘n’ Brighten for a while now. I’ve heard amazing things about it. x

    Jordan Alice

    • Samantha
      October 6, 2017 / 11:51 am

      Honestly it’s so good. I was surprised by how much I liked it! I’m sure if you try it you won’t be disappointed. Just a whisper over your moisturiser is all you need.


    • Samantha
      October 6, 2017 / 6:11 pm

      To be honest I have a ton of lip products I haven’t finished and probably won’t but these two were my favourites right now. X

  2. October 6, 2017 / 6:21 pm

    Wow you really have used some of these up. I don’t blame you for going to Dior when it came to choosing your lipstick for your wedding day. You’ve got to have something luxurious..right? I haven’t swatched this colour so next time I pass by a counter I’ll have to do that x


    • Samantha
      October 6, 2017 / 7:12 pm

      Yes! Had to be Dior. Their packaging is the best around. I purchased the NYX matte bronzer to try instead of going for my usual Bare Minerals so I’ll see how that goes. I also treated myself to a second bronzer from a brand I haven’t heard of before. I’ll share my thoughts on that soon x

  3. October 6, 2017 / 6:45 pm

    Ooh I loved the no7 eyebrow pencil! At the moment I’m using the makeup revolution brow pomade at the moment which is 1/3 of the price and I love it!x

    • Samantha
      October 6, 2017 / 7:46 pm

      Do you find a pomade better? It’s not something I’ve tried before. Glad you’re liking it ! x

  4. October 7, 2017 / 9:20 am

    These look like some fab products! I have been using that No7 brow pencil for the longest time and I just hate experimenting with other products and the colour not being as perfect as this one! I’m loving the sound of the Bare Minerals bronzers too, I’ve only ever bought a blush from them and I picked too much of a bright shade I never wear it! The packaging getting dirty is so annoying though, the same thing happened to the blush!

    Ellie x


    • Samantha
      October 7, 2017 / 10:57 am

      So glad you love the No7 pencil too! Wish they’d left it as a pencil though. Much preferred it that way. I went on a buying spree the other day and actually bought a Mac faxtor precision brow pencil, it’s ultra fine and the shade is a pretty good match of the No7. I do prefer a finer nib. Yes the Bare Minerals packaging isn’t great is it! I’m going to try the invisible bronzer though as love the sound of that one. X

  5. luxblush
    October 8, 2017 / 4:35 pm

    There are some really great products here! I don’t blame you for going to Dior for your wedding lipstick and the colour is gorgeous too!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • Samantha
      October 8, 2017 / 4:49 pm

      Thank you! Yes the colour is so pretty, just wish the Formula was a bit more user friendly! X

  6. October 9, 2017 / 7:43 pm

    I loved this post! You’ve made me really want to try the Bare Minerals Bronzer! I don’t know why but I’ve only ever tried foundation from them and no other make-up products! Ellie x


    • Samantha
      October 9, 2017 / 8:16 pm

      Aw you should try it. I can’t really fault it, apart from the packaging. The SPF comes in handy! I’ve literally only tried the bronzers and a Moxie lip gloss from Bare Minerals. I’ve heard good reviews about the foundations though. X

  7. itsanikamay
    October 10, 2017 / 6:18 am

    Definitely want to try the No7 Brow Pencil, looks like a must-have and really easy to use!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

    • Samantha
      October 10, 2017 / 7:52 am

      Yes try it, I find it so good! x

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