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tropika cleansing oil


So pleased to bring you my review of this wonderful natural, Tropika coconut cleansing oil. I was really keen to try this product as I’d seen lots of rave reviews. Firstly, I’m new to this brand and if you are too here’s the story:

Tropika UK is a family-founded business led by a busy Mum of five. All products are loved and used by the family (and tested on them, not animals!).

They’re passionate about natural health and wellbeing and are actively engaged in research and development to continually enhance our products.

Malaysian Goodness

We believe in the beauty of our natural Malaysian resources: our abundant source of virgin coconut oil, wonderful plant-based extracts and our celebrated history of Malay massage – including ante and post-natal which women today continue to embrace.

The combination of these precious things inspires us and we’re proud to have bottled the power of Malay-influenced skincare to spread the love for happy and healthy skin that’s naturally nourished and nurtured.

Sustainably Sourced

Tropika Skincare products are made in Malaysia and we support local communities with
sustainable virgin coconut oil production, taking care of the people and the land.

Our oil is extracted differently from everyday coconut oil. Our unique way of fermenting the coconut milk means we require fewer coconuts to produce the same amount of coconut oil, which also supports the environment.

Our virgin coconut oil is produced without the use of pesticides in the soil and with no chemicals.

A luxurious daily cleansing oil to effortlessly melt away makeup and lift impurities, revealing a brighter, healthier looking complexion. Nourishing virgin coconut oil leaves the skin feeling silky-soft, incredibly clean and comfortable, with no oily residue.

How to use: Apply 3 – 4 drops on the face. Add a little water to create a silky milk and continue to massage to remove every trace of makeup and dirt. Rinse with water.

As you know, I do love a brand with an inspiring story and Tropika is no exception. Ethically sourcing the best natural ingredients for their product ranges. I’m a big fan of using coconut oil as part of my skin care routine, using raw organic coconut oil on my body for years.

I recently got into the whole ‘cleansing oil’ approach when I tried a couple of other brands. I didn’t actually realise how much cleaner my skin would feel for washing with the right product. The other option being, standing in front of the mirror for ten minutes every night with endless cotton pads, having to keep going until the pads are clean.


Tropika Cleansing Oil


When Lisa, from Tropika UK, contacted me to ask if I would like to try the cleansing oil, I didn’t hesitate in saying yes. I’ve been using just this product at bedtime for around four weeks now so that I can give my honest review of the results I found.

Firstly, I was expecting a typical coconut scent from a ‘coconut based’ product but actually, this one really surprised me.

The sweet-smelling oil infusion came through instead, think blackcurrant! it’s oh so delicious and makes it all the more of an enjoyable experience.

It’s no secret that I suffer from dry skin, and so I’ve discovered that using a cleansing oil is perfect for me. It really helps relieve any tightness which can sometimes be left by other cleansers I’ve tried. With Tropika, my skin feels hydrated and really clean. I use a few drops and really massage the oil into my skin whilst enjoying the wonderful aroma. I take it over my eye area where it effortlessly removes every trace of mascara. I then splash over some water and continue to massage; the cleanser becomes milky and then rinses away leaving silky soft, clean skin.

Tropika cleansing oil can also be used as a spa-inspired treatment by massaging it into your skin for a few minutes and then removing with a hot muslin cloth.

To do this, I simply warm my cloth under the hot tap so it’s really easy! I tried this and I can tell you it’s a really wonderful skin treat.

I honestly can’t praise this product enough even down to receiving it in a lovely branded gift bag tied with a ribbon. Also included was some information about the oil plus other available products. Little touches like that really do make all the difference for me when I’m looking at a brand.

The retail price is £17.99 for this 100ml bottle which is a little pricier than your average cleanser of this size. This isn’t your average cleanser though! Some products are just worth paying that little extra for, particularly as it lasts and lasts! Needing only to use a small amount for each use. I would absolutely repurchase this cleanser, I just can’t get enough of the scent and knowing it’s naturally derived and not artificial in any way is just perfect. Add this cleansing oil to your daily skincare, it won’t disappoint.


samantha holding the Tropika Cleaning oil.


If you’re a mum-to-be there’s some lovely massage oils plus a tummy rub. What’s not to like!

Have you heard of Tropika?

Find out more about the lovely product ranges or get your cleansing oil at


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  1. September 30, 2017 / 8:57 pm

    Ive been absolutely loving cleansing oils lately as well as natural skincare products so this sounds so good. I love that it smells like blackcurrent too I bet that’s soooo nice. Such a great review and I loved reading about the brands story! I definitely need to check them out.

    Ellie x

    • Samantha
      September 30, 2017 / 10:37 pm

      Definitely one to have a look at. Lovely product and brand! X

  2. October 1, 2017 / 6:25 pm

    I love coconut skin care products as well as really is a wonderful ingredient for all sorts. I know what you mean about that coconut smell i do like it but sometimes it can become a bit generic so i;s great that this is something different and unique x

    • Samantha
      October 2, 2017 / 8:01 am

      It’s so lovely to use isn’t it! Great multi-tasker. X

  3. October 5, 2017 / 3:29 pm

    It made me laugh when you said about using lots of cotton pads until they go clean cos that’s what I did too. I’ve only very recently started using cleansing balms but haven’t thought about oils before until now and it sounds sooo much quicker and kinder to your skin. Love how it smells more like blackcurrent as I did wonder if it would be a strong coconutty smell. Such a lovely post and the back ground too! Xxxx

    • Samantha
      October 5, 2017 / 8:01 pm

      Thank you! Can’t believe how many cotton pads I used to go through, A tedious job every night. I haven’t used a balm since finishing my Emma Hardie Moringa, they are lovely though. I’m really loving using cleansing oils at the moment. This one has such an addictive scent! 😊xx

  4. October 22, 2017 / 10:24 pm

    I too am loving cleansing oils and although I don’t have dry skin like you, I have found that adding oils in really does help to control the oiliness of my skin so I can’t recommend oils enough! I think £17.99 is a price I would be willing to pay for something that works. I pay more than that for my current oil based cleanser so I wouldn’t be averse to paying their price. It sounds lovely! Great review xx

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