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Samantha packing her holiday essentials



As my summer holiday draws ever closer (Next Monday)! It’s time to make sure I have all the necessary essentials. We have a family villa in the Andalusian region of Spain, way up in the mountains and so it’s always very hot! Guaranteed wall to wall sunshine. Loose clothing and sun cream a priority.

We usually try to travel fairly light, that said, my hair and beauty products almost need their own suitcase. Fortunately, summer clothing weighs less you can afford to throw in a couple of back up items. I usually take some ‘house clothes’ too for lazy staying-in evenings. This time, however, I’m cutting down on my usual hoard of beauty products and sticking to the essentials.

My Holiday Essentials Checklist

A selection of Holiday essentials


Sun Care

If you follow me you’ll know my cult sun care brand is of course Ultrasun. I’ve used their face and lip products for years and recently I was introduced to the eye SPF 30 and the hand SPF 30 which I also fell in love with. For our holiday we were treated to some sun care essentials by Ultrasun and the lovely Karen Tippet at TippettPR so we have everything we need to keep us all protected.

Ultrasun Sports Gel

Holiday essential Ultrasun Sports gel


This is perfect for Dan (and men in general) as he can apply it all over and even take it through his hair as it’s a clear gel so there’s no areas left unprotected. Ultrasun Sports Medium SPF 20 Clear Gel very high all day protection (UVA 91% and UVB SPF20) with just one application. The non-greasy, clear liquid is really easy to apply and it’s ideal for all outdoor, watersports and gardening enthusiasts. It is especially suitable for use on the scalp for thinning or receding hair.

No mess, no-nonsense high protection. Ultrasun Sports Medium SPF 20 Clear Gel Formula is free from oils, emulsifiers and perfume reducing the risk of allergy. Like other Ultrasun products, it is non-staining, non-greasy, water-resistant and easy to use.

This is Dan’s first time using this product so I will share how he feels about it over my socials while we are away so look out for that!

Ultrasun Family 30

Ultrasun Super Sensitive High SPF 30 Family Formula delivers very high all day protection (UVA 93% and UVB SPF30) with just one application per day. Its super sensitive formulation is ideal for very sensitive and children’s skin and helps to prevent ‘prickly heat’ reactions. It provides extra protection for vulnerable areas such as shins, noses, shoulders etc.

Ultrasun Super Sensitive High SPF 30 Family Formula is free from oils, emulsifiers and perfume reducing the risk of allergy and making it especially suitable for sensitive skins. Like other Ultrasun products, it is non-staining, non-greasy, water-resistant and easy to use.

Airless pump dispenser to prevent product deterioration and contamination. Free from perfume, oils and emulsifiers. Water resistant.

Lilymay and I have both suffered from prickly heat previously, I had quite a bad case of it a couple of years ago across my chest and all over the tops of my legs and it took several weeks for my skin to fully recover. Ultrasun Family 30 will do its best to prevent us suffering this year no doubt!

Ultrasun Glimmer

Sensitive formula with an ultra-flattering golden sheen – once-a-day application

Lilymay is so excited to use this on holiday, what tween or teen wouldn’t love it! (I quite like the look of it too) Housed in an airless pump dispenser to prevent product deterioration and contamination, this clever sun protection product with its patented Liposome Complex will carry moisture deep into the skin, delivering long-lasting protection with just one application. The ground-breaking formula also contains Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), an enzyme to help reduce free radical activity and tiny golden ‘glimmers’ (MICA) which raise protection by deflecting the sun’s rays also adding an attractive golden glow to the surface of the skin.


Ideal for sensitive or photosensitive skin, this multi-purpose product is free from preservatives, emulsifiers and perfume to reduce the risk of allergy and the easy to use formula is non-greasy and water-resistant.

I’ve been wanting to try this one so I can’t wait to see what this looks like on the skin!

Ultrasun Lip

This is my go-to lip protection, I use it all year round to protect the vulnerable lip area. Ultrasun Lip SPF30 protects against sun, wind and cold (UVA and UVB protection); provides intensive care and moisture for dry and chapped lips with plant oils.
No artificial colours. Temperature-stable.Targeted protection for the thinnest and most sensitive area of the face.

Ultrasun Eye

SPF30 with UVA and UVB filters, this lightweight, hydrating formula protects the area where we show photo ageing the most. With a lightening and brightening effect, one application a day will hydrate, reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines and most of all protect, protect, protect!
Super sensitive and suitable for contact lens wearers.I talked about this eye cream in more detail in my Ultrasun Eye SPF post So if you want to find out more about it have a read.


Aftersun is a must, I usually purchase a large size but sometimes end up bringing two-thirds of it home again so I went for a medium size this time, helps keep the weight of the case down! This is best kept in the fridge I find so that it’s extra soothing on sun-drenched skin. I’m not so fussy about the brand but I tend to choose Garnier for aftersun, it smells divine!  If you’re travelling light this can always be purchased locally at your destination. Unless you’re staying in the back of beyond!

Insect repellant

Another holiday must have. Repellant containing DEET is best for repelling the pesky mossies. Annoying isn’t it when you want to sit out and watch the sun go down with a glass of something and you’re being attacked at all angles by the local mosquito population seeking out their supper. Dan seems to attract them and gets bitten at any opportunity. Again, I don’t mind the brand.

Boots Bite And Sting Relief Click-it

Recently I was made aware of the Boots click-it to use on bites, use it as soon as you feel you’ve been bitten, press the little device onto the bite and click away 10-15 times. I haven’t tried it personally as it’s not recommended for those with any heart issues (that’s me)! Dan has used it several times and finds it really takes the itch out of the bite and quite quickly. if you haven’t seen this handy gadget I’ll leave the info in the shopping links.


Boots mosquito zapper perfect holiday essential

Make up holiday essentials



For Me, holiday make up is pretty minimal, it’s so hot it just melts off anyway so I stick to tinted moisturiser, creme blusher, mascara plus an essential waterproof Formula. Brow pencil, a favourite eye colour, eyeliner, a couple of lippies and that’s about it. For cleansing, I take a small bottle of garner micellar water as this removes eye makeup too, love an all in one product for travel, saves space and weight in the case.

Hair Care

I usually take drugstore shampoo and conditioner as it’s more travel-friendly than my salon sizes. The water is soft at our villa and so it’s much more manageable than our extremely hard water back home! A joyful week of soft water is always a bonus! I purchased some John Frieda products from their new Hi-impact Blonde range as the tube-style packaging is better for travel (First impressions review of these up soon) Also, some UV protection is good, I’m taking with me a product which I haven’t used before Sun Oil by System Professional. I’m intrigued to try this as protecting my hair from the harmful rays is important to me! I also comb conditioner through my hair if I’m going in the pool just to protect from the chlorine a little. I’m also known to run some fresh lemon juice through my hair and let the sun dry it in to brighten up my highlights (shhhh).


Sun oil holiday essentials

Gillette Venus Snap Travel Razor

This is perfect for travel and so had to have it! It’s super cute and comes in this little case which keeps it safe.


Gilette Venus travel razor holiday essentials


Travel light or that’s the theory anyway, my clothing essentials are :

1 lightweight jumpsuit

1 playsuit

Two pairs of shorts, depending on plans,

Evening wear.

A few tee shirts


This is always a bit of an issue for me, but over the years I’ve realised that I don’t need to take 10 pairs of shoes for a 10-day break You know what we’re like, we take lots of different pairs just in case then only wear two or maybe three.

Here’s what I’m taking:

I pair of sliders or flip-flops

2 flat sandals, one smart, one casual

I pair of mid heels or wedges

1 pair of pumps for walking/sight-seeing days

That’s about it for my essentials, don’t forget a little pack of wipes for your handbag, I hate the feeling of grubby hands, especially when travelling so these wipes always come in handy.




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Ultrasun is a once a day application Formula. Further applications may be required in extremes conditions or temperatures.

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  1. August 4, 2017 / 5:18 pm

    Great post and great product choices. I will be looking into the clear gel spf for Stu….he is terrible for not wearing spf and he works out in the sun a lot so it really bugs me!!! Think I’ll be having a look at that little razor too!! Will be travelling light to NYC so that looks perfect! Love the photos too! xx

    • Samantha
      August 4, 2017 / 9:03 pm

      Thanks for reading! Yes the clear gel looks great. It’s much easier for men to use than rubbing creams in! The razor is fab, it’s really cute in its little case, half price in Superdrug so couldn’t resist. Definitely going to try and travel light. Not easy but I don’t want to take things I won’t use.
      So excited for you and your NY trip. Can’t wait to see pics!! Xx

        • Samantha
          August 5, 2017 / 10:13 pm

          Nooo I love seeing NY pics! Bring it on xx

  2. Heather
    August 4, 2017 / 10:07 pm

    Love this post and so indepth:) I have to have lots of SPF too and insect repellent although never tried DEET, could have done with it last month! Love the cute little Venus too. So jealous you have a family villa in Spain, hope you have a fab time lovely xhx

    • Samantha
      August 4, 2017 / 10:19 pm

      Thank you so much for reading lovely!
      Yes repellents containing DEET are better so check the label for that ( it’s an acronym ) the Venus is so cute, couldn’t resist it. The villa is Dan’s parents as it was their family home. They live in the UK now but we have use of it whenever we want. It’s very beautiful so we are lucky! The views are breathtaking.
      Have a great weekend girl! ❤️😘

    • Samantha
      August 5, 2017 / 10:15 pm

      Aw thanks for reading lovely. Are you having a holiday this year? 😘

  3. Kayleigh
    August 9, 2017 / 1:01 pm

    You are girl after my own heart with these Summery bits!! I love UltraSun, it doesn’t bring me out in a breakout like other one’s I’ve tried in the past! From KAYLEIGH (haha) xxx

    • Samantha
      August 9, 2017 / 2:03 pm

      Ultrasun is the best isn’t it! My absolute favourite. I wondered why you put haha next to your name then I realised who you are 😂Thanks for reading lovely bee lady xxx

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