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I haven’t written a post like this before, however, there are several products I’m lusting after and have been for a while, so I thought I would share them today.

If you’re anything like me, more ‘wanty’ than ‘needy’ you probably have a lust list of your own.

Whenever I come across an exciting product I tend to become a little fixated with it, researching, looking at lots of images etc. It plays on my mind but of course, I’m a wife and mummy and have financial commitments, which means I can’t be too reckless and live by the rule of “if you can’t stop thinking about it…buy it!” Wouldn’t that be fab! Reality check, please. Ok, on with the “list” (in no particular order)

Swiss Clinic Derma Roller


Image shows the Swiss clinic Derma Roller


Here’s a little about Derma Rolling in case you’re new to it. In simple terms, the roller has up to 500 microneedles, you gently roll it over your skin causing micro injuries. The skin then begins the healing process thus encouraging collagen production which in turn plumps the skin and improves the general appearance of open pores, fine lines, wrinkles and scars amongst other skin issues! Also, any skincare product topically applied following treatment can be better absorbed. This Is something you no longer have to go to the salon for, you can purchase your own roller and do this at home yourself. The results aren’t instant but with some persistence, improvement can definitely be made. Obviously, results differ between people. The needles come in different lengths depending on your own particular skin issue. Sounds scary but in reality, you will generally have a red flush to the area for a few hours before it settles, so it’s best to roll before bed.

Why I Want One…

As a child around the age of ten, at Primary School I caught my neck on a piece of sharp wire which was poking out from a temporary wire fence in our playground. Workmen had constructed the fence to keep us away from building work they were doing. We were all pushing and shoving each other to get past when my neck became caught on the stray wire, as I was being pushed the wire dragged into my skin and as a result, I have a horrible scar. I’m thankful as the wire narrowly missed my voice box which would have been a lot worse but still, the scar has stayed with me and continues to bother me.

When I learned that using a derma roller can help to improve the appearance of scars I was even more excited but alas, I still haven’t tried it. It remains firmly on my Most Wanted List.

Derma Rolling is something I’ve been very intrigued by for quite a few months, I stumbled upon it and became obsessed! I’ve been doing quite a bit of research into which roller to use. The Swiss Clinic roller comes out on top for me and is the one I would purchase, it features 500 Japanese surgical steel microneedles and a sleek-looking roller.

Cheap Derma Rollers are readily available on eBay/Amazon but personally, I would rather pay a little more and purchase from a reputable company which has proven results from their rollers. I read that using a cheap roller may actually do more harm than good so it’s best to steer clear. The Swiss Clinic roller has a cost of £42 which I feel is a sensible price. We generally get what we pay for in life, don’t we! Swiss Clinic also has various post-rolling skincare products which can be used following treatment. After seeing lots of before and after photos online, I’m really keen to try this!

L’Oréal Professionnel Steampod 2.0 New Generation


Image shows the Loreal Steampod



L’Oréal say: The Steampod 2.0 is a revolutionary hairstyling tool from L’Oreal Professionnel. A combination of steam and pro-keratin technology helps to tame hair movement and leave it silky smooth, whilst protecting from heat damage.

Experience sleek and manageable locks with a professional finish. The anodized floating plates are flexible and the continuous steam pressure opens the hair cuticle to retain natural moisture levels. The integrated comb spreads hair evenly along the hard ceramic plates.

Steam and pro-keratin technology for silky smooth hair
Protects from heat damage
Anodized floating plates for flexibility
Continuous steam pressure opens hair cuticles
Retains natural moisture levels
Integrated comb spreads hair evenly along the plates
Reaches heat of 140-210°C
Adjustable temperature setting

Why I Want It…

I have long, pretty much one length hair. Day-to-day I either wear it straight or with a loose wave. I usually reach for my GHD’s which I’ve had for a few years now, one of the prongs on the plug became bent in my hand luggage when travelling home from our holiday last year. The airline decided all hand luggage had to be placed in the hold due to overcrowded overhead baggage containers.

My beloved straighteners were damaged as my bag wasn’t suitable for the hold. I still use the straighteners with a dodgy plug albeit a little unsafe! They could probably do with an update anyway. Then I noticed the L’Oréal Professionnel SteamPod. Became slightly obsessed with it but haven’t managed to make it part of my beauty arsenal just yet. You can straighten or create smooth looser curls which look amazing whilst ensuring the best possible condition for your hair! The RRP is £137.50 so it would be a considered purchase. I’ve considered it…I want it.

Lee Stafford ChopStick Styler

Image shows the Lee Stafford Chopstick styler



Lee Stafford says: Get corkscrew curls straight from the catwalk with Lee Stafford ORiGiNAL CHoPstick STYLER™.
This great curling wand has an extra skinny rectangular barrel so you can get the exact tight curls with a perfect grip. What’s more, the wand has a very fast heat up time and a maximum temperature of 200°C for great results.
This Lee Stafford ORiGiNAL CHoPstick STYLER has a ceramic coating to keep your hair looking healthy, smooth and silky.
Complete with a swivel cord for great manoeuvrability, the Lee Stafford ORiGiNAL CHoPstick STYLER is the easy way to a trend-setting look

Extra skinny barrel to get tight, corkscrew curls that really impress
Ceramic coated for healthy, smooth and silky hair.
Fast heat up time up to 200°c.
Built-in safety stand to protect the surfaces.
Cool tip to protect your fingers for ultimate control
On and off switch with LED indicator.
Durable swivel cord.

Why I Want It…

I spotted this while shopping around Christmas time last year. I walked past it on the shelf and had to do a double take! I regularly curl my hair with a curling wand but tend to use a large barrel for a soft wave. This Beauty Awards Finalist styler as its name suggests has a very skinny barrel giving a tight corkscrew curl, think Beyoncé. The RRP for this is £19.99 so it’s fairly affordable. My hair is really long so I’m intrigued to know what this corkscrew effect would look like on me!


Olympus Pen E-PL8

Image shows the Olympus Penn e-PL8

What can I say? This is my dream camera. It’s compact, has amazing good looks and has fantastic features which every blogger needs!

Described By Olympus: Searching for inspiration? Make the new Olympus Pen E-PL8 your personal muse. In a stylish shade of brown and other classy colours, this digital camera is going to be the IT Piece of the year! The modern design merges easy functionality with classic curves and leather tone surfaces with contrasting high quality metal that make the E-PL8 shine just like you. Straps from our Fashion Accessory Collection that match the body colour will make this professional camera an accessory you will adore and others will desire.

It’s Definitely Desirable…

As a blogger, I’m always taking lots of photos, then having to remove the SD card from my camera, upload the photos to my Mac then send them to my phone for editing. This is annoying as quite often I’m using my tripod which means I have to remove the camera  before I can get to the card slot. Not with the Olympus Pen, It does the work for you, send your photos directly to your phone for editing. This alone would just save me so much time! There is so much to say about this camera so for more info click on the item in the ‘Shop The Post’ link at the foot of this post. I could rave about this camera all day long!

And Finally…Charlotte Tilbury ‘Pillow Talk’ Matte Revolution Lipstick


Image shows lips with Charlotte Tilbury pillow Talk Lipstick


So, I’ve been using the cult classic Pillow Talk Lip Cheat Lip liner for several months now, and can honestly say it’s the best lip liner I’ve ever used.

It’s the perfect lip colour which allows you (as the name suggests) you can use it to over-line and re-shape your lips to ‘cheat’ your way to a fuller pout.

More recently, Charlotte Tilbury launched the matching Pillow Talk Lipstick from the matte revolution range. Since the Lip liner is my all time favourite colour and formula my heart skipped a beat when I saw this new lipstick and I’ve been lusting after it ever since.

Described By Charlotte Tilbury as a dreamy nude pink, the ultimate celebrity and super model lip colour for naturally wider, fuller lips. Enriched with soothing orchid and lipstick tree extracts, lips appear fuller and wider with a softer, more youthful feel. Finished with an angled head, apply straight from the bullet for the best lips of your life!

You can see from the image above just what all the fuss is about and why I will continue to lust after it until it finds its way into my life.

What’s on your lust list? Have you tried any of my favourites? I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. KC
    June 13, 2017 / 10:08 am

    I like the look of that steam pod! Also which large barrel curler do you recommend? KC x

    • Samantha
      June 13, 2017 / 10:58 am

      Yes the Steam Pod is amazing! I’m a little obsessed, can you tell!!

      I Currently use the Yogi wand large barrel but if I could replace it I would definitely go for the Cloud 9 large barrel styler. This has rave reviews! Thanks for reading Kylie! X

  2. June 13, 2017 / 1:59 pm

    Brilliant post…..I now want most of these! Haha! In honesty, the derma rolling sounds interesting….I know you asked me ages ago if I had tried it but I hadn’t really heard of it. Caroline Hirons posted a video the other day where she talks with Teresa Tarmey about these and they both say they can be really good, but don’t buy from eBay etc like you’re saying, you get what you pay for. I’m keen to know what they’re like now as I too have a scar…you may have seen it on my instagram but on my face, I have a scar from when I was little and I fell on a sheet of glass so my scar runs from my lip to my chin on the left hand side…plus I have big pores so it sounds ideal!! My wishlist (yes I’m more want that need) is huge! Haha! xx

    • Samantha
      June 13, 2017 / 2:08 pm

      Yes Derma Rolling does have great reviews, sorry to hear you also have a scar, we’re a right pair aren’t we! When I get to try it I will definitely use it on my scar and monitor any improvement. A blog post there for sure! I was tempted to get s cheap one but after reading bad things I just though no, you’ll have to wait and get a decent one! I also have some open pores on my chin so let’s hope it sorts those out too! The list just grows continuously! ?Thanks for reading lovely! ??

  3. June 14, 2017 / 2:08 am

    The steam pod sounds good. I want one too! Lol. Love the post.

    • Samantha
      June 14, 2017 / 6:21 am

      Yes it’s so good. Hopefully I’ll have one soon! You too ?!!??

      • June 14, 2017 / 6:31 am

        It’s really tempting. 🙂

        • Samantha
          June 14, 2017 / 6:45 am

          Sure is! Have a lovely day ??

          • June 14, 2017 / 6:53 am

            Thank you. You too. ??

  4. Nabila Shaikh
    June 20, 2017 / 12:12 pm

    Nice post, I would love to invest in a good Derma roll. I simply love your photography was just going through your Instagram posts. Keep up the good work. Truly inspiring ?

    • Samantha
      June 20, 2017 / 4:14 pm

      Hey lovely, thanks for your kind words. Yes I know what you mean about the derma roller. I still haven’t managed to buy it. I’ll get there one day. As far as Instagram goes I’m trying to move away from endless flat lays! Thanks for reading ???

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