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I’m passionate about exfoliation as the benefits I see are so apparent. I exfoliate my face and body at least three times a week and have done so for many years. For me, exfoliation is just the best anti-ageing weapon there is. Boots No7 Microdermabrasion for the body takes it to the next level.

If you’re not exfoliating, your skin isn’t as healthy as you might think is.

Basically, exfoliation removes a build-up of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. To do this you can either use a mechanical type product whereby you use an abrasive scrub or chemically by using products which contain often fruit, lactic or salicylic acids as well as other enzymes which break down the dead skin cells.

Why Should You Be Doing It?

It’s a sad fact that we begin to show signs of ageing from around the age of twenty-six. Of course, genetics and lifestyle choices all dictate how we age. However, there are things we can do to slow down the process. Along with ageing, our ability to regenerate cells slows down, This means our bodies are slower to shed dead skin cells but also slower to generate new ones. These dead skin cells can build up on the skin’s surface leaving our skin dull, dry and rough-looking. Other than that, these dead cells can block pores which in turn can cause spots. Convinced?


Samantha holding the body exfoliator


Exfoliation removes these dead cells revealing lovely fresh new cells.

This leaves the skin capable of reaping more benefit from moisturiser, allowing it to penetrate and absorb further. Previously blocked by the build-up of dead cells. I love how my skin almost glows after I’ve exfoliated, and you can’t beat healthy glowy skin to help boost confidence. Especially if like me, you love off the shoulder tops during the summer. If you’re Self-tanning, proper exfoliation is a must. Want to find out more? I’ve written about this in My Self Tan Routine post.

Microbeads – What Are They, And Why You Should Be Avoiding Them

There was a considerable amount of hoo ha recently regarding microbeads (tiny beads of plastic) used in exfoliators and other products such as toothpaste. Apparently, when microbeads head off down the plughole post-exfoliation (or tooth brushing) they’ve been damaging water supplies. Along with marine life and allegedly the ecological balance of the planet. Marine species are unable to detect the difference between food and microbeads. In fact, the UK government plans to ban microbeads from being used in cosmetic products from this year onwards.

Be aware that companies will often try to disguise the use of microbeads by using words such as polyethene, polypropylene and polymethylmethacrylate instead.

There is a designated Website if you want to check your product. Beat The Microbead This is a fab website and a really useful resource. Some brands have promised to phase out microbeads by the end of this year.

I don’t use microbeads as I prefer an exfoliator with the texture of wet sand as for me, the results are far better and more of a microdermabrasion effect. A loose liquid with a few particles just doesn’t cut the mustard. Choosing the right product for you depends on your personal skin type or any sensitivity issues you may have.


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I got into using Total Renewal Exfoliator a few years ago, I was attracted by the words micro-dermabrasion.

I fell In love and have continued to use it ever since. I’ve honestly not found another product (as yet) which delivers such noticeable results and smoothes my skin in the same way.

I’m the queen of exfoliation so I’ve tried out more brands than I care to remember in my time but always, always return to Boots No7.

This contains Aluminum – oxide – crystals which sweep away dull surface cells. It has a paste-like consistency. It’s not recommended for face, neck or delicate areas but there is a face-specific product available designed for those areas. (Photographed top) Use on wet skin two to three times a week for best results. Apply plenty of moisturiser after exfoliating and an SPF if you’re planning on sunning yourself. The same applies to the face product –  it’s very important to use SPF the same day, as the skin is left more vulnerable to sun damage for a day or so after use.

This 150ml tube lasts me a good while but when it’s getting low I always cut it in half with a pair of scissors and scoop out every last drop.

Are you a fan of exfoliation? Which is your favourite exfoliator?


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