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image shows 2 boxes of threads fake lashes.





 Day-to-day I’m not generally the false lash kinda gal, however, if I’m heading ‘out-out’ I may add a few individual lashes or a strip lash depending on how I feel.

I’m new to this brand so I thought I would give them a go! I’m always interested in trying different brands and so I was excited to try these strip lashes from Threads Beauty Co. For these photos, I am wearing the Charleston lashes.

The packaging is bright red which stands out on the shelf! Neat little boxes with a tube lash adhesive included inside. Other brands, I’ve used the lash adhesive is often a separate purchase. I have two pairs, both the Red Cherri lashes and the Charleston Lashes. Personally, the Red Cherri lashes are a bit too bold for me but definitely, the Charleston are a more wearable option. I’m wearing these in the photos. As you can see they give a more natural look which is more me.

Lash Application…

Is mostly down to trial and error and everyone has their own way of doing it. For me, I find the easiest way to apply this type of lash is to place a hand mirror on my lap. Looking downwards into the mirror I then place the strip into position using tweezers.  I squeeze a tiny amount of adhesive onto the lash tray, wait a minute or so for it to become tacky. I then pick up the lash with tweezers and slide the strip end through the adhesive so that way only a tiny amount is used.

Recently I’ve seen YouTube videos of other bloggers wearing their fake lashes ‘under’ their natural lashes.

This is quite tricky and not something I have patience for. However, from what I’ve seen it does give a nice natural look so might be worth another attempt when I have more time (and patience).


Samantha wearing a pair of threads faux Charleston lashes.


The adhesive works well and held the lashes in place so no issues there. It dries clear which is always good! I actually really like these lashes and would definitely wear them for a night out in future.

Have you tried this brand?

Purchase Threads lashes   Also available in store at Harvey Nichols. RRP £9 per set.

Are you a fake lash girl? Which are your go-to’s?

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  1. K C
    April 20, 2017 / 2:16 pm

    Hi Sam. I’ve been having lash extensions for the last few months and although they can be costly and time consuming to have applied, in my opinion they are worth the effort. x

    • Samantha
      April 20, 2017 / 3:31 pm

      Ooo you’ll have to send me a photo! Are your own lashes surviving underneath? I’m getting a lash lift soon, I used to have it done every 6 weeks but not been lately x

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