Caudalie VineActiv 3 In 1 Moisturiser


Image shows a tube of Caudalie VineActiv 3 in 1 Moisturiser.


I’m new to Caudalie as a brand but I was really keen to try one of the moisturisers from the range.

My main skin concern is dehydration so this 3 in 1 cream is perfect for me. Firstly, Here’s what Caudalie have to say about the cream:

This lightweight cream is perfect for adding essential moisture and hydration into the skin to balance the complexion and deliver a healthy glow. It contains unique anti- pollution technology which help keep the skin clean and clear, blocking pollution particles that could potentially cause damage, including accelerated skin ageing.

The Caudalie Ethos…

Caudalie formulates beauty products for all those who want both effectiveness and naturalness, luxury and ecology. Caudalie’s commitment is to use the most natural ingredients in particular natural active ingredients that respect the environment and are biodegradable, free from toxins such as parabens, SLS, mineral oils and phthalates, and also free from animal ingredients. Caudalie formulates all products with patented, innovative molecules that have been titrated with the latest scientific advances in order to guarantee maximum efficacy.

I started using this cream a good three weeks ago now and actually, I really like it.

The packaging is fresh and has a salon quality feel to it and fits right in with the brand ethos to my mind. The cream applies well and is a little slower to absorb than others I’ve tried. I thought I was perhaps using too much so I reduced the amount and this seemed to help a little. I always use a tinted moisturiser so I like my cream to absorb well as I don’t like the shiny look particularly. The cream is a light formula but does pack a punch with a surge of moisture. Fragrance wise there’s a lovely soft plant-based scent to the cream, just enough.


caudalie three in one cream


There’s definitely a place for this in my skin care routine, as I say my skin needs lots of moisture and this cream really works well for me, I would be more inclined to use it at bedtime due to the slower absorption. That could be just me though! I’m fanatical about wearing a face SPF every day, rain or shine and wouldn’t forgo that right now for anything!

Have you tried this Caudalie 3 in 1 cream? What did you think?

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