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I’ve been trying Jerome Russell Maximum Bblonde Toner over the last couple of washes…

I’m a die-hard blonde and have been since my teens. However, I did try going brunette around four years ago. That lasted three months or so, I kept scaring myself each time I walked past a shop window and saw a brown-haired reflection. Equally so, at home glancing in the bathroom mirror first thing in the morning, think pantomime style sharp intakes of breath. Being brunette wasn’t for me and so I made the decision to return blonde. My hair was most unhappy about all this messing about and the condition was poor for quite a while.

After much bleaching, highlighting and toning I was finally back to my old self, and loving it.

I know I’ll never go across to the dark side again, been there, done that, got the tee-shirt. It was an itch I had to scratch if you know what I mean, but it just wasn’t for me.

There are several blonding products in the range all with salon quality formulas. For this review, I am trying the Jerome Russell Maximum blonde toner in the platinum shade and also a lightening spray. The lightening spray I’m using on my daughter’s hair for the purpose of this review. Her hair is naturally light brown and she wants a natural looking ombré effect as some of the girls in her tutor are donning this look. So, with the lightning spray, I will be trying that effect on her hair. I will follow with my review on that in the coming Days.


Jerome Russell BBlonde Platinum toner


I patch tested the product as instructed and tried the toner in the shade Platinum. I was a little nervous using this as I always am with any product that’s new to me. No need though as this only lasts for around 6-8 washes so it’s just something to try for a different look. It doesn’t contain any ammonia or peroxide so it’s not at all damaging to the hair and shouldn’t affect the condition.

I washed my hair as instructed and applied the toner to my towel dried hair. It’s a gel consistency so doesn’t run everywhere. obviously, it’s a violet shade but goes on pretty clear and lathers up like a shampoo. I teazed a wide tooth comb gently through my hair to help get the toner evenly distributed. I then placed a hotel freebie style shower cap over and used my hair dryer to apply heat for around 5 minutes.

I then left the toner to develop for a full thirty minutes, rinsed and conditioned as usual. My hair tends to be on the sandy side of blonde as I don’t like it to be too ‘bleach blonde’ looking but knowing that this is a mild product I figured it would be fine to try since it only lasts 6 -8 washes. If I really didn’t like it I could, of course, just wash it 6-8 times and be back to my usual colour in no time.

The Result

Jerome Russell Bblonge Platinum toner

Left – Before


I actually had a really good result with this toner as you can see. The yellow tones have been neutralised leaving a much lighter look.

I’m impressed with this product and definitely would use it again. My hair didn’t feel noticeably any different, it’s generally quite soft and swishy and so it remained this way after using the toner. I wash my hair pretty much daily so I imagine this will last the recommended 6-8 washes.

If you want to brighten up your blonde hair or refresh the colour give this a try. It’s so easy to use and no mess. RRP is £4.99 so it’s definitely affordable.

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Have you tried Jerome Russell hair products?

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