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I adore fragrance, there’s just something about it, isn’t there? Sexy, sassy, flirty, girly, sensual.

How clever is our brain the way it connects a certain smell to a time and/or place? “Smells ring bells” because our sense of smell is the closest to our memory. I Love Stepping outside on a cold winter’s day and smelling that wonderful wood smoke coming from a distant chimney or bonfire, the many childhood memories it evokes. Thoughts of bonfire night at our village and many happy memories with my siblings and our parents.

More recently, wandering along country lanes with my then-toddler, collecting crispy autumnal leaves and marvelling at acorns. That irreplaceable glee on my child’s face watching a ‘helicopter’ seed spiralling to the ground. Memories like these will stay forever, in part because of the scent and time/place connection.

When I’m off on holiday I will buy a different scent and shower products and use them while I’m there.

When back home I’ll repurchase the same products as a link has been made with the scent and place. LOVE doing that. We all have emotional connections to certain smells, consciously and subconsciously. I borrowed a fragrance which I adore from a friend to wear on my wedding day, Bvlgari Jasmin Noir; It’s quite a heady scent but I wanted something that was completely out of my usual go-to range. This will always be a wonderful reminder of the day.

Who would’ve guessed it, a whole industry has been built around this emotional connection between us and our sense of smell.

Blog photography
Dan and I on our special day


I’ve always found, annoyingly, that fragrance disappears pretty quickly on me. Perfume molecules react differently on every person, meaning body chemistry plays a part in how well fragrance lingers on us. We smell the top note/s when we first spray a chosen perfume on to a card in the store, these top notes will dissipate after around twenty minutes, you’ll then get the middle note/s coming through. Those elusive base notes release themselves to our senses after an hour or so, so if you still like the fragrance then, you can assume you’ll continue to love it. Frustratingly, my body chemistry and dry skin type won’t allow the scent to linger on me.

I use lots of fragrance and have several empty bottles, which leads me to today’s subject – perfume empties. It’s never nice to get to the end of your fragrance bottle and I’m the worst empty bottle hoarder. Just seems so wrong throwing those pretty glass bottles away and I don’t, as you can see, or at least I haven’t been lately. My five best fragrance dupes post as all the low down on a more affordable and cruelty-free alternative to the expensive high-end fragrances. I’m going to be talking about each one individually with what each brand has to say about their fragrance first, followed by my own thoughts.

Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne Eau de Parfum

Our Parisienne has this ‘je ne sais quoi’ that makes her unique. She is not a Parisian but she shows a daring and liberated attitude, living life to the full. She is chic, flirtatious, confident and in control.
Our experts say:

Top notes:
Cranberry, Blackberry
Heart notes
Damas Rose, Violet, Peony
Base notes
Vetiver, Patchouli, Musk, Sandalwood
Launch date 2009

I first fell for Parisienne when a friend was wearing it – Instantly drawn to the sweetness of the blackcurrant notes and just had to have a bottle for myself. From memory, I purchased a sample vial online and later my hubby bought me the full size from airport duty-free after having heard me rave about it! My nose is the biggest fan of Sweet floral girly fragrance which pretty much describes this one, it’s light enough for day-wear and is just flirty and feminine! If, like me, you love a sweet, fruity fragrance, definitely try this. It stands as one of my all-time favourites and I will definitely continue to repurchase. The bottle has a spray nozzle and has a pretty faceted appeal!

Georgio Armani Acqua di Gioia Eau de Toilette

Inspired by the “Mojito”, Acqua di Gioia is an haute couture cocktail. The only truly fresh fragrance for women from Giorgio Armani. Brings freshness for city living.

There is a charming sensation of freshness from the very first notes which are carried along in a deliciously heady current of crushed Mint, with a zest of Italian “Limone Primo Fiore Femminello”, harvested from the first spring blossoms in Calabria. At its base, Acqua Di Gioia bears the signature of water rooted in the Earth, revealed by luscious LMR Cedarwood Heart sprinkled with sensuous Brown Sugar and Labdanum, which is one of the rare plants to possess animal notes.

A beautiful fresh floral fragrance ideal for the warm season.

Top notes: Crushed Mint leaves, Limone Primo Fiore, Acquatic Green Accord.
Heart notes of Pink Pepper, Jasmine Sambac Abs, Peony.
Base notes: Cedarwood, Labdanum and brown sugar accord.

The mint and green accord notes make this a very fresh scent which is perfect for day wear. This is not my usual choice of fragrance as it’s only just faintly sweet enough for me, however, I have worn it lots hence the empty bottle! I have the best hubby who spoils me rotten and is always buying me treats. He will often buy me perfume which is so lovely as I absolutely love fragrance. He bought me this one as he liked the scent. I like it too but possibly not enough to repurchase. The bottle is cute and tactile and fits well in my hand with a spray nozzle. If this were a white wine it would definitely be in the “dry” category. My brain does work in weird and wonderful ways when conjuring up analogies.


Georgio Armani Acqua di gioia perfume empties


L’Occitane Fleurs De Cerisier Eau de Toilette

With our Cherry Blossom collection, L’Occitane celebrates the poetic beauty of the cherry blossom and its delicate, feminine flowers during the first days of spring.

A soft, fresh and floral subtle fragrance with cherry, freesia and blackcurrant top notes.

Top notes: Cherry, Freesia, Blackcurrant.
Heart Notes: Cherry Blossom, Lily of the Valley
Base Notes: Rosewood, Amber, Musk

This is a very special fragrance which I talked about it recently in a separate blog post. If you would like to find out more read my full review on my Sassy Separates post.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum

“The essence of a bold, free woman. An oriental fragrance with a strong personality, yet surprisingly fresh”.
Coco Mademoiselle draws its inspiration from the fascinating personality of Gabrielle Chanel. The fragrance is the olfactory reflection of an independent thinker who breaks the rules to create her own. The portrait of a woman ready to daringly write her own destiny.

Sparks of fresh and vibrant orange immediately awaken the senses. A clear and sensual heart reveals the transparent accords of Jasmine and Rose. The trail unfurls the pure accents of Patchouli and Vetiver that emphasise the slender structure of the composition.

This is my ultimate fragrance and long-standing ‘Signature Scent’ It has that unmistakable hit of ‘Coco Chanel’ that is just so exquisite. It smells expensive and is loved by many women, myself included. If a woman walks past you wearing this your nose literally sits up and begs. I’ve worn Coco Mademoiselle for many years and can’t get enough. If you love this too but don’t like the price tag, I recently reviewed a fantastic and surprising dupe. Have a read of that here on my blog.

Emporio Armani Diamonds Eau De Parfum

A girl’s best friend. Diamonds symbolise femininity with the traditional rose and blend of raspberry and litchi. Top Notes: Litchi, Raspberry Heart Notes: Patchouli, Freesia, Lily of the Valley, Rose Base Notes: Vetiver, Amber, Vanilla

My nose took a while to get to grips with this scent. It’s very unusual and very sweet. It’s unmistakable so you’ll know immediately if you smell it while out and about. I’ve been asked several times what perfume I’m wearing with this and I think it’s down to the unusually sweet smell. It’s a love or hate one though as I also know women that don’t like it all. It has a rather lovely “Palmer violet” appeal. Perfect for day wear.


Perfume empties The Beauty Spyglass

Armani Diamonds Black Carat Eau de Parfum

Diamonds Black Carat is an oriental floral fragrance launched in 2011. This luxurious and glamorous edition introduces a darker and more sensual side of eternal diamond suitable for a daring and bold woman. It opens with the notes of Freesia and Raspberry. It blends with the core of Bulgarian rose and Cedarwood, which settles in the smooth base of Benzoin and vanilla

This is a gorgeous scent but is quite ‘Heady’ It’s described as sensual and dark which a perfect description. It’s a definite evening fragrance as it’s ‘Heavier’ although I’ve worn it lots for day-wear. I just pick up whichever fragrance I’m in the mood for in the morning. This one smells expensive and sophisticated if that makes sense. I adore the Diamonds range and will continue to do so.

Have you tried any of these? Please share your thoughts, I’d love to hear your recommendations for a new fragrance to try!




  1. March 2, 2017 / 2:42 pm

    Love your pictures!
    Elena ❤️

    • Samantha
      March 2, 2017 / 2:50 pm

      Thank you so much!! ?

  2. Samantha
    March 2, 2017 / 7:14 pm

    Thanks for the nomination! ?

    • Samantha
      March 2, 2017 / 8:03 pm

      Aw that’s good to hear. Thanks so much for reading ?

  3. March 6, 2017 / 5:04 am

    These bottles are so lovely, I don’t blame you for not wanting to throw them away! I’m the worst at perfume, I only have like 2 and I’m pretty happy with them, though I definitely could use more. I just prefer spending money on makeup, ya know? Heh.

    • Samantha
      March 6, 2017 / 6:24 am

      I know what you mean, I shouldn’t really have so much perfume. Just a bit fanatical about it I suppose. The bottles that actually have perfume left in them are going down gradually so maybe I’ll start having less in future. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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