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It’s that time of the week we all love, yes it’s Friday, so, I’m sharing some of my current favourites today. I love flat lay photography and really enjoy rummaging through my wardrobe to put together a lovely colour theme.

I have a love of beautiful things – clothing, shoes, bags and I enjoy high-end beauty and makeup products. This is an inherent problem and one which I was born with I’m afraid. Just as style is also something we are born with, it’s not a trait that can be learned, you’ve either got it or you haven’t. That said, the nice things I own will be shared here on my blog for you to also enjoy. My budget won’t stretch to many of the things I lust after but I am fortunate to have quite a collection of lovely clothes and accessories.

I love blush pinks and nudes, just such a classy look about this colour palette and I’m very drawn to it.

The scarf pictured is vintage and a lovely soft cashmere. It’s a gorgeous nude and powder blue so it works well with lighter or similar colours, not so good with camel as it just doesn’t look quite right somehow.

The little raw silk effect top is from Zara and again it’s not new! It’s one of those to wear during the summer months with jeans or tailored trousers. Its a gorgeous neutral colour so pretty much goes with anything.

Trinkets are both from Asos, I went through a phase of wanting everything in terms of jewellery in gold tone as I love the way it seems to warm the skin. I do still love that look but I mix it up these days, I’m not fearful of mixing metals either. I also adore those gold or silver faux tattoo bracelets which became popular last summer, they come on a card ready for you to cut off your chosen one, place it around your ankle or wrist or wherever you choose,  hold a dampened cloth over it until it bonds to your skin. They look really cute, I will be donning one or two again this summer I’m sure!

Si… Who doesn’t love this fragrance, I discovered it duty-free at an airport soon after its release by Georgia Armani and it went on holiday with me. The bottle is weighty and feels luxurious. The fragrance is described as The quintessential expression of an intimate woman’s fragrance. Lightly Elusive yet nuanced to evoke a palette of daring, playful yet ultimately seductive emotions. A brilliant floral chypre composed of contrasts. Floral pear accord and blackcurrant nectar. Floral chypre bouquet and musky wood accord. Always reminds me of holidays when I wear it as a scent and place connection was made.

I’m telling you its gorgeous! It sits firmly on my dresser as one of my most reached for and has been repurchased several times (by my lovely hubby) Alas though, My heart lies with Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. This has long been my signature scent. Sadly I’m clean out right now but I keep the empty bottle as a reminder.

On to the shoes, I mentioned in another Friday Favourites post about my impishly small and narrow feet and how I find New Look shoes are narrower when compared to other brands. Well you guessed it, these flat pumps are from New Look. They are so comfy and a gorgeous blush pink which I wear during the warmer months. These are great for just knocking about in everyday. Easily replaceable as they are inexpensive.

Rayban Aviator style RB 3025 with graduated brown lenses. love these and wear them to death. They replaced a silver pair I used to own which the dog ate. I’m so pleased with these, I actually prefer the brown colour over the silver.

Essie nail colours. here shown are (from top)

Sable collar

Angora Cardi

Merino cool

Partner In Crime

Muchi Muchi and Skirting The Issue.



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