Guest Post | Deciem’s The Ordinary Buffet Serum… Far from Ordinary

Today’s post has been very kindly written by a guest writer – my Sister-in-Law, and fellow beauty enthusiast Kylie. With a wealth of experience on the subject of beauty and a wonderful writing style, I’m sure you will find her post both interesting and informative. I myself will be sharing my thoughts on another product from The Ordinary range in the coming days so without further ado, here’s Kylie’s take on The Ordinary Buffet serum.

Anyone with even the most vague interest in skincare will not have missed the hype around DECIEM’s new range, The Ordinary, which launched with almighty aplomb last September. As a keen reader of beauty blogs (including this one), and working in PR I spend a fair amount of my time experimenting with new products to varying levels of success, and I was keen as mustard to get my hands on this one.

I confess that as I move rather rapidly towards my fourth decade I’ve become far more interested in beauty products that eschew mild, natural ingredients for those containing far more scientific, serious components that promise visible results. I am absolutely a fan of natural skincare and believe there’s very much a place for it – but in the case of serums in particular, I’ve found it’s the stuff that promises the heavy lifting that really delivers the goods. And at this stage of my beauty life I want to see (and feel) a discernible difference – that is the elixir I, and my peers, are chasing.

And that is, in essence, what The Ordinary delivers. The message is simple – proven ingredients (think retinol, hyraluronic acid, Vitamin C and Matrixyl) in high concentrations at a price point absolutely unheard of in the industry.


The ordinary buffet serum


My skincare concerns are thankfully few – a little dryness, some dehydration and fine lines around my eyes, some dullness during the winter months. One thing that The Ordinary could definitely improve upon is their product descriptions – it’s not particularly easy finding out which product is supposed to do what. After a little digging I chose three products for my shopping cart: Buffet serum, their most expensive and lauded product (containing peptides to tackle anti-aging) plus two more: Advanced Retinoid 2% (for antiaging) and Hyraluronic Acid 2% + B5 (for dehydration).

The method was pretty simple – apply Buffet serum after cleanser followed by hyraluronic acid in the morning alternated with retinoid at night. I like to walk on the wild side so in practice I’ve used the Buffet twice daily, the hyraluronic acid once every day or two, and the retinol once a week. I don’t like to overload my skin and personally I didn’t want to move from NO serum to three (albeit intense) versions in one foul swoop.

By and large, I’ve only good things to say. The packaging is simplistic; small, inoffensive glass bottles that look smart perched on my bathroom shelf. The bottles I’ve chosen have screw top droppers so wastage is at a minimum. I love my make up in beautiful packaging but my requirement for skincare is that I like to be able to travel with it easily and recycle most or all of the container once the product is finished. I think The Ordinary may just tick both of those boxes.

Buffet is everything you’ve read and more; it sinks in quickly, isn’t sticky or tacky and could easily be mistaken for a product five times the price. It’s my pick of the three – so much so I’ll be buying bottles for my mum and sister-in-law soon. The hyraluronic acid is a little more viscous, however, I experienced no stinging and as with Buffet, no discernible scent. The retinoid solution is probably my least favourite; it has the rather off-putting appearance and consistency of a yellowy milk. I’ve read plenty of retinol reviews from those using it in other formulations who suggest it can make skin flaky but I can report that I experienced no flakiness using The Ordinary version.

Of course, if you’re using retinol it’s crucial to wear a high SPF daily (the retinol is removing the dead skin on top for new skin underneath which will need careful protection from UVA and UVB). But my pick is certainly the Buffet and at £12.70 a pop why not give it a try?


The Ordinary range is available from Victoriahealth



  1. February 12, 2017 / 10:35 pm

    I’ve just dipped my toe into The Ordinary with the primer and am loving it. Really want to buy more from this brand.

    • Samantha
      February 13, 2017 / 7:30 am

      Yes, me too. I’m currently trying the moisturiser and enjoy using it. I’ve heard good things about the primer though so that’s on my wish list! Thanks for reading 😊

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