Valentine’s Day… Not Long Now

Valentine's Day



Time is flying by and Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us. Have you planned for the day or are you still trying to decide on a special little token for your loved one. For me, Valentine’s Day is about small gestures. A love token or just a little something to show the man or woman in your life that you love and care for them.

Prices are usually hiked for an evening out on the special day so if you’re wanting to dine out, plan an evening a little beforehand and save on the cost. You can always have a cosy evening at home on Valentine’s evening. Cook a meal and enjoy a glass of wine together. This is what hubby and I shall be doing!

We show our love and appreciation for each other all year round, or if we don’t, we should! I look for little glass love reminders to sit on my hubby’s desk which has cute and thoughtful wording. You’ll find a lovely selection from Not On The high Street.Com Just search for glass meme.

Otherwise, fragrance/aftershave is a nice idea, especially for last minute! Both Marc Jacobs Dot and Hugo boss Red are delicious and in keeping with their red and black bottles. Have a spray and sniff session if you’re heading to the fragrance counter!

Undies are another great gift idea. Ann Summers always have a “typically Valentine” selection but wherever suits your budget is perfect. I love to receive lingerie, always makes me feel wanted.

Hang up little red heart-shaped balloons in small bunches around the house. Searching ebay is great for this kind of thing.

My heels (pictured) are from Office Essie nail polish in ‘Dressed To Kilt’ my all-time most wearable red. Always a great colour for Valentine’s Day!

Other little bits and bobs I’ve picked up along the way in various shabby Chic style stores. Love anything of that nature.

Anyway just thought I’d share my Valentine’s ideas with you. Not long to go so if you’re shopping online you’d better hurry up!

Whatever you decide to do, have fun and enjoy the moment.


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