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Firstly, this is what Dior have to say: Rosy Glow features the new fresh colour reveal technology which intuitively adjusts to the moisture of each skin to make the cheeks blush with delight. Upon application Rosy Glow reveals fresh and luminous colour that develops a rosy radiance to match each skin tone for an all-day ultra-natural customised and healthy glow effect.

Ultra-fine powder texture and irresistible rose fragrance offer a moment of pure indulgence with each application.

How To Use:

Sweep the brush over the powder a single time to take just the right amount of product, then apply delicately to the top of cheekbones. the Halo of colour gradually intensifies as if by magic, revealing an ultra-natural and customised rosy glow. To accentuate the make up result sweep the powder over the cheeks for a second time for a more vibrant colour look.

This is what I have to say…What woman or girl in her right mind wouldn’t want to get their hands on one of these!

This gorgeous blusher has been catching my eye for quite some time whenever I pass the Dior beauty counter. I’ve read so many rave reviews that I just had to try it for myself (justification coming up…) My Benefit Dandelion box ‘o’ powder is coming to the end of it’s life and I need a new blusher. There.

So Excited to bring you my thoughts on Rosy Glow:

The packaging as always with Dior is super gorgeous, almost takes your breath. When you first slip it out of its box and find the blusher comes with it’s own black velveteen slip case to store it in to protect the shiny compact from scratches etc. Just the kind of little touch you would expect from a high end brand and one of the reasons why we love them! The colour is so pretty a real rose petal pink, looks intense initially but once applied it’s actually quite subtle but buildable. There is a very slight rose scent, although almost too slight to define. One other thing I love is the all over Dior embossing. It’s almost too nice to use!!

I followed instruction on how to apply and I found personally I did need a couple of sweeps to achieve the desired colour but It’s very natural and feels feather light and soft. Not at all powdery,  you can’t actually feel it on your skin and I noticed my skin appeared smoother. So that’s a plus! The colour intensified over a few minutes to the perfect natural blush.

I’m so happy I finally tried this blusher. It lives up to expectation and is just so gorgeous to use. This is definitely going to be my new favourite from now on!

How it looks on me

Have you ever tried it?


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    • Samantha
      February 5, 2017 / 8:21 am

      I’d recommend it, I’m using it everyday and loving it!

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