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trench coat hanging upI love crisp white shirts with jeans (very Victoria Beckham) I have a couple but one particular favourite.

flat lay showing whats in my bag


Ok, I’ll admit –  it’s from New Look but what the hell, It’s a classic look and one I shall be wearing a lot, especially during the warmer months. Today I’m wearing it under my trench.


A flat lay photo showing my essentials


With the dawn of the ‘not so skinny’ straight leg or mom jeans I wanted some immediately but really struggled to find a pair that ticked all the boxes. I love jeans and own far too many pairs but of course the majority are skinny high-waisted. However, I did have an old pair which I ‘doctored’. Out came my sewing machine and a pair of scissors and I set about re-shaping the legs and attacking the knees!

Love my new Trench coat. I purchased this from Superdry over the weekend.  It’s not your typical ‘Superdry’ the branding is low-key and well it’s just gorgeous. The quality and detail are fantastic and feels very expensive on. The collar is double layered with really lovely stitch detail which you can see. I paid £99 for mine.


sam wearing the trench coat

Super dry trench coat hanging up

I shall wear it with my beloved Louis Vuitton Ienà This bag gets very well used as it’s one of those ultimate handbags. I love it so much, it makes me feel ‘posh’ and who doesn’t like that! I just throw everything in. There’s a phone pocket and a couple of other compartments inside plus a handy zip pocket on the front. The bag also has a little padlock so you can lock the two tabs together when it’s zipped up. This came in very handy on a recent trip to Venice where pickpockets are rife.

Finally, my shoes. I went loafer crazy a couple of springs ago and whilst they remain fashionable I’m still wearing them! These are from River Island and a lovely neutral tan colour. Perfect for non-trainer days. They’ve covered a fair few miles and still going strong. Also very comfortable.

What are you wearing today?!








  1. Samantha
    January 24, 2017 / 10:44 pm

    Thank you!! ❤

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