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It’s that time of year again when many of us are thinking ahead to the Summer and perhaps booking our holidays so I thought I would continue to rave about my favourite sun protection brand Ultrasun.

If you want to find out more about the ‘Face’ formula you can read about it here on my blog as I have recently reviewed it.

Thinking of your little and/or bigger loved ones…Family30SPF

(Available in 100ml £19, 150ml £25 or 400ml size for £46)Ultrasun family 30


Another important issue for me was with my daughter during school time. We know teachers aren’t allowed to apply sun cream to our little ones at school these days, so we need to find a solution to protect our children throughout the day. Other mums or dads could be seen frantically applying regular sun cream to their children’s faces in the playground on sunny mornings. Chalky little faces all lined up! But what about the mid-morning, lunch and afternoon trips to the playground. The cream applied during the morning rush has lost all use and the children’s delicate skin is left vulnerable. I, of course, had applied Ultrasun Family30 to my daughter’s skin and so stood triumphantly in the playground knowing the morning application would be protecting her skin throughout the day.

This cream is particularly suited to kids’ sensitive skin. In fact, research carried out by the Teenage Cancer Trust in 2015 of young people age 13-24 found that over a third (38%) don’t use sun protection in the UK as they believe the sun here isn’t strong enough to damage their skin. Worryingly, according to *cancer research, a history of burning as a child or teen increases the risk of developing skin cancer later in life. Definitely, something to think about! For babies of six months and under it’s recommended to avoid sun exposure but for extra peace of mind you can apply Ultrasun Extreme 50 + SPF (available in 100ml £20 or 400ml £50

Sun care for teens

The Glimmer sensitive formula 20SPF (available in 100ml £18 or 400ml £46) is perfect if their focus is just achieving a tan! It has tiny golden ‘glimmers’ which raise the protection by deflecting the sun’s rays while adding a lovely golden glow to the surface of the skin. This is also available in a higher 50 SPF so that the little ones can also enjoy the glimmer factor!


Ultrasun glimmer


Ultrasun Sports Gel formula 20SPF is great for the boys, or for anyone who enjoys outdoor sports. It offers invisible fast absorbing sun protection and has amongst the highest UVA level filters on the market. All products are swim/towel/ and shower proof so you can’t go wrong!

Ultrasun sports gel

Back to us adults

Ultrasun have all bases covered within the range so next, I want to talk about the hand cream. SPF 30 anti-pigmentation formula. We all know our hands are a contributing factor that can show our age! Plus we want to avoid those unsightly age spots appearing over time. Well, there’s something we can do to help with that. Think about your hands while driving your car, the sun beating in through the window, your hands up there on the steering wheel. Every time you drive during the day your hands are subject to UV damage. If you’re using the face formula you needn’t worry about your face at least! But you forgot about your hands right? On a really sunny day I’ve become conscious of the sun on my hands and moved them lower on the wheel to avoid the direct force of the sun but we don’t always think about it day-to-day.

Apply Ultrasun hand 30SPF every morning if you’re heading out, even if just going for a walk as we are vulnerable to UV exposure even on overcast days. You’ll have the peace of mind that you’ve done your bit to help slow or reduce the signs of ageing to your hands.


Ultrasun sun care spf hand cream


From using this cream myself I have found that it absorbs into my skin very quickly so there there’s no greasy residue left which I hate!

There’s no perfume or other unwanted chemicals such as parabens, preservatives, silicones or mineral oils. The tube is a 75ml size so there’s plenty to last you. The texture is quite loose but this helps with absorption. I found very slight tackiness while it finishes bonding to your skin but leaves no trace after.

Another product I use throughout the year is Ultrasun lip SPF30 I love this lip balm and have used it for years. We often don’t consider our lips when we think about sun protection but this is an area that is also vulnerable and can quickly show the signs of ageing and damage caused by the sun.  It eases dry lips and protects from harmful UV rays throughout the day. I’ve been known to swipe it over my daughter’s cheeks, nose and forehead for a bit of extra protection while out and about! keep one in your pocket every day, you never know when you might need it! The RRP is £6 each.

Ultrasun recently released an SPF specifically for the delicate eye area. great for sensitive skin. I have reviews this eye cream here on my blog Ultrasun Amazing Eye SPF click if you want to find out about it.

 Ultrasun lip


I would highly recommend using the Ultrasun range if you like a once a day application then it’s definitely worth a try! Summer is on its way so it’s time to start looking into this year’s sun protection for you and your family. I’ve recently reviewed the Ultrasun Eye SPF, do have a read!

The products are widely available from  Superdrug John Lewis Waitrose Marks and Spencer Ocado  House of Fraser QVC or directly from

It may be worth checking out QVC  as they quite often have offers running.




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Source *Cancer research Uk World health organisation. Please read full manufacturers instructions for use and patch test before first use. Always apply sun protection at least 15 minutes before going into the sun. You may need to re-apply in extreme conditions or where you feel it necessary. Further info’ contact



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