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We all did it didn’t we, well most of us did. Seemed like a good idea at the time, competing with Gwen Stefani for the thinnest brows possible.

Wandering around the house wielding a compact magnifying mirror, searching for the perfect light to catch every single stray or baby fine hair. Heaven forbid any remained. We thought we looked great, perhaps at the time when thin brows were the thing? We did, though questionable. Thin brows were fashionable once and not actually that long ago… let’s not go there again.

If you prefer thin brows, or bolder brows don’t suit you then, that’s perfectly fine and acceptable, just do whatever makes you happy.

So, all that aggressive plucking leaves a problem – our brow hair follicles gave up the ghost and left, for good. Don’t get me wrong, I have brows but with the dawn of big, natural ‘Cara’ style, I looked at what I could use in an attempt to restore mine to their former pre-plucked glory, NB: Castor oil does not work…

Whilst glued to QVC beauty one evening, I discovered Revitabrow advanced eyebrow conditioner. The reviews were just too good to resist and I went ahead and purchased it. I couldn’t wait to get started with it, desperate for my brows to come back –  I patiently applied it over my brow area for around six to eight weeks as per the manufacturer’s instruction after cleansing every night. On waking, I eagerly examined my brows (with magnifying mirror) to see if any new hairs had sprouted overnight. The growth cycle of brow hair is around six to eight weeks on average, and so using Revitabrow during that time nourishes any remaining follicles and super-charges them to produce hair again once the growing phase begins.

Revitalash Say: RevitaBrow® Advanced delivers a proprietary blend of scientifically advanced peptides, revitalising extracts and nutritive vitamins to help beautify and enhance the look of bold, defined brows.

I took a rather blasé approach to this actually working and so the ‘before’ photo was a quick snapshot on my phone and not the greatest of quality, I had also filled in my brows as I was preparing to leave the house. However, I was completely wowed by Revitabrow and just couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

You can see the lack of hair in my before photo, compared to my current brow status. Yes, I had brow sprouts (proud of those) but I wanted more, it’s more youthful and just looks less harsh, no hard lines here, please. I prefer people to notice me before they notice my eyebrows, good brows don’t scream…hey, look at me first – they quietly blend in, just as they should.

One thing I did notice is that my brows became a shade or two darker over the eight weeks, I read reviews where other people had experienced the same but I quite liked it. I found it gave them even more definition, just took a while to get used to their new look. They have now gradually returned to their original colour and I finally have more brow. I will use another tube and see if there are any more half-dead follicles that could be revitalised back to life!

“I would definitely recommend trying this if you’re looking for a solution to your follicularly challenged eyebrows”.

I had fantastic results personally, however, results may vary for individuals. With hundreds of rave reviews out there for this product, it’s got to be worth a try.

I purchased a sample size for around £20.00 after shopping around online and It lasted me the full eight weeks before it started to dry up, (based on a once a day use). It can be pricey for the full size so if you’re sceptical like I was, try the sample size first. After that, it’s recommended to use once or twice a week for maintenance.

This is important as if you don’t continue to maintain your brows once or twice a week they will gradually go away again over a period of a month or so. That’s the only down-fall with Revitabrow and sadly all the lovely new growth I experienced has indeed disappeared. I loved having fuller brows and intend to purchase another tube and try again very soon!


showing the Rapidbrow brow growth before and after


Let them grow wild! It’s all about eyebrows right now. Let me know your thoughts.

What about you? Have you ever tried Revitaliash?

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Always patch test and follow the manufacturer’s instruction for use.



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