Dr Organic Argan Oil

Dr Organic Argan Oil

Image shows a bottle of Dr organic Argan oil plus a bottle of Alpha h liquid gold


Naturally loaded with skin loving goodies, eight essential fatty acids, anti oxidants and a high level of vitamin E to name but a few.

Dr Organics say – “an intensive nutritious daily treatment based on Organic Argan Oil enriched with Arganyl. A light and ultra absorbent cream that improves firmness and tone as well as hydrating, smoothing and moisturising the skin. Nourishes deep into the skins epidermis and protects against cell damaging free radicals. immediately after application, facial features appear visibly smoothed”

There are other products in this range from Dr. Organic I’ve tried, but not repurchased such as the eye cream. I use this one as it’s 100% pure and doesn’t smell quite as strong as others. I recently tried an alternative brand but it had the most horrendous smell. This one is fine by comparison, however, don’t expect to be sleeping in a floral halo.

My two favourite night-time products, ironically both called Liquid Gold. I’ve reviewed Alpha H recently, so do have a read of that and find out why I love it.

Argan oil is so versatile, smooth it through your hair (if you’re planning on washing it the following morning) rub into your cuticles and backs of hands, it’s great for lips too. I can’t live without it as I have a drier skin. It lasts well and costs around £14 so it won’t break the bank. Always check that it is certified organic, cold pressed and 100% pure.

I prefer to apply natural products to my skin overnight to give it a rest from the daily bombardment of chemicals in the form of makeup.

Available to purchase from Dr.Organics direct, or from Holland and Barrett

Which are your favourite skin oils?



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