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Joico K Pac Clarifying Shampoo

I started assuming I must have a really bad build up of minerals/limescale etc. From my knowledge as a hair stylist I searched for a good quality chelating shampoo (basically dissolves any residue and build up). Washing up liquid also works well for this purpose *permission to gasp granted* leave on for a few mins, rinse and hey presto beautiful swishy hair returns  – that’s the theory anyway.

Clarifying Shampoo, unlike most clarifiers on the market doesn’t suck the life out of delicate hair, but leaves it moisturized and shiny, whilst providing a unique smooth slip for wet combing.

Perfect choice for everyone – even hard-core swimmers this lightweight formula won’t overwhelm fine hair, yet is rich and nourishing enough to impact thicker strands; even those exposed to chlorine, minerals, and hard water.

Here’s how: Wet hair thoroughly (a full soak delivers the best results); apply and lather, leaving the product on up to five minutes for optimal clarifying results. Rinse and follow with K-PAK Conditioner.

Use a couple of times a week, Leave on for two minutes each time and you should see some improvement.

For me, this alone won’t do though as my hair still feels stiff when wet and refuses to be combed through without a fight. However, I would suggest trying it as after researching online for the best clarifying shampoo this one keeps popping up with its rave reviews. We will all have our own personal result, depending on hair type.

Enriched with amino acids, aloe and antioxidant vitamin E, reconstructing the hair by healing areas that have become weakened and protects from further damage. I would add that I haven’t repurchased this shampoo as it did leave my hair still feeling like wet straw, however, I wouldn’t expect a healing shampoo to feel ultra-nourishing, even if it claims to be.

Moisture Recovery Shampoo And Conditioner.

Rich and luxurious, this formula actually restores smoothness and elasticity to hair that’s lost its mojo.

Perfect choice for dry to extremely dry strands that need rescuing. Apply to wet hair; lather, rinse and follow with Moisture Recovery Conditioner. The inside secret: The gentlest surfactants help cleanse away residue with a lavish lather that won’t strip hair of even an ounce of precious hydration. Bio-Mimetic Peptides, Marine Botanicals, and Seawater Nutrients inject an ocean of moisture into dehydrated hair.

Having struggled with washing my hair with ultra-hard water here where I live and it basically wrecking my hair; I looked into what I could do to save my unhappy locks before it was too late. My problem was that on wetting my long highlighted hair it would form one big mat in varying degrees making it difficult to comb through post-shower and I was experiencing breakage.
Then I found these! My absolute favourites. I can’t praise them enough. When I wash my hair with this range my hair instantly feels softened and detangled and when blowdrying it feels so soft and healthy. If you have similar hair concerns, I would definitely recommend trying the Moisture recovery range. My hair has literally been given a new lease of life.

Joico Smooth Cure Conditioner

I use this along with my Moisture Recovery Shampoo coming in a close second but in honesty, I do prefer to stick with Moisture Recovery Conditioner as my hair loves it and has improved so much since becoming hooked on this stuff. I buy giant 1000ml sizes as I get through so much. The Smooth Cure range does smell delicious and helps the comb go through quite happily. Again, I leave any conditioner combed through for several minutes for best results.

Joico Thermal Protectant Spray

One product we all should be using is a heat protectant. Blowdrying alone can heat our hair to hot oven temperatures causing untold damage to the hair fibres

Thermal Styling Protectant: It’s not only an invisible shield that safeguards your hair against the rigours of heat styling (up to 450 degrees) but we consider it a tool by itself that finishes the smoothing process to perfection.

Perfect choice for locking in sleek styles on any hair type – from frizzy to fine.

Here’s how: Spritz onto dry hair, section by section; then flat-iron, curl, or round-brush into absolute perfection.

The inside secret: Hydrolized Keratin – which springs into action when it detects anything from a heat tool to actual sunlight–forms a literal shield of protection against frizzing, fading, and environmental damage. Our formaldehyde-free KeraShield Complex (with Keratin, Brazil Nut Oil, and Tucuma Butter) strengthens the hair and keeps unruly hair at bay for up to 72 hours.

This is my most repurchased and go-to heat protectant spray. I adore the fragrance and it just does the job. I spray it on to my towel-dried hair, comb through and dry as normal. When my hair is dry I sometimes go over my whole head again, just misting it over and continue with a final blast from the dryer for extra smoothness. A gorgeous product and highly recommended.

My hair is very long with a lot of highlights and so it can be high-maintenance. If you have similar hair issues or just need a bit more moisture then I would really recommend trying all of these products. My hair is so much better nowadays, it’s really worth spending a few extra pounds for some salon quality product if you want results.

Joico Violet Colour Endure Sulphate free Conditioner

Body Luxe Volumizing Elixir

Last, but by no means, least is the Body Luxe Elixir. I Tried this predominantly as my fine hair needed a boost of volume in the root area. I was cautious not to use too much as my hair tends to repel this kind of product, leaving me with chewy sticky hair. I ran a very small amount through my freshly washed, towel-dried hair and combed through.
I blowdried as usual and found my hair felt soft with plenty of movement. Also, I find that when I use this product on a day when I feel like curling my hair it really helps the style stay for longer. I will use it now just for this reason alone, making the focus for application the mid-lengths and ends.

Any products not shown below find them directly from Joico

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